Trying to make sense of the exercises you may hear called at an F3 bootcamp? Need something new for your first or 100th Q? You’ve found the place. (You also may want to consult The Lexicon, at least after your first workout, to make sense of what just happened.)

When Animals Attack

5 mins – mark off an area (kill zone). All PAX remain in area at all times. One PAX (“the attacker” or “it”) starts in one corner, the other PAX in the other corner. Assume bear crawl position and stay there. The Attacker begins to chase his prey throughout the kill zone (in bear crawl mode). Once contact is made with PAX ("tag"), contacted PAX becomes the attacker, returns to his corner, and it starts over. Tweak the exercise with the size of the kill zone and the number of people. Variation: instead of tagging, you have to take your prey down to the ground (F3 meets jiu jitsu) which from your hands and knees should be safe."<br /> Wide-arm Merkin,,Merkin with hands more than sholder width apart. Also known as the Werkin.<br /> William Wallace,Run

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