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Crab Cakes

Start from crab walk position, raise right hand and left leg, touch hand to knee. Return to starting position and repeat with opposite hand/leg. In cadence.

Crab Humper

Like air humpers but in the crab walk position (hands and feet on ground, keeping 6 off ground, thrust hips up and down).

Crab Jacks

Just like plank jacks, but facing the sky. Get into crab walk position, knees bent at 90 degrees and hips towards the sky. Move thighs apart and back together. Decline CJ are when feet are uphill.

Crab vs. Bear Soccer

Preferably played on a soccer field with goals, divide into teams, one team has to crab walk while the other has to bear crawl. Once someone scores a goal, then the teams swap roles (bear to crab and crab to bear). Goalies have to plank, and goalies must be swapped out after every goal scored. Play for as long as you want, real men play for at least 20 minutes.

Crab Walk

(Aka Jameis Winston in some parts.) Balancing on your hands and feet with your front facing the ceiling and your hips thrust upwards. Walk like a crab.

Cracker Jacks

Starting in ATG-Frog Squat position, w/ both arms extended straight down b/w legs + hands planted on ground. Perform a Star Jump & return to 1st position.

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  • Cardio
  • Legs

Crawl Bear

Same as Bear Crawl, except backwards. Totally different exercise. Often combined with Bear Crawl, as in, "Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear back."

Crawl Bear 360

Perform Crawl Bear while rotating 360 degrees the entire time. Can be performed clockwise or counter-clockwise.


This is a normal burpee with a creature merkin variant at the bottom. This version of the creature merkin is where the creature is climbing out of the black lagoon, so it is performed in front of a bench and transitions from a regular merkin to an inclined merkin (F3Orlando Flowerchild favorite).

  • Arms
  • Cardio
  • Legs

Creature Merkins

Start in an incline merkin position with feet together on the ground hand up on seat/bench. Using feet as a pivot and keeping your body straight, move your body with your hands to the right then down to the ground to perform a merkin. Then, using hands, bring yourself back up on the seat/bench and over to the left side to perform a merkin. Q's call on how many merkins to perform on each side.

Crowd Pleaser

Essentially a Merkin followed by a Groiner, but done as a pyramid. For regular men, going from 1:1 (1 Merkin and 1 Groiner) to 4:4 (4 Merkins followed by 4 Groiners) and back down to 1:1 may be a challenge, but average F3 men should go from 1:1 up to 5:5 and back down to 1:1 to truly enjoy the moment (at total of 25 reps of each). Working up to a 6:6 pyramid is an admirable goal for the Sugar Rays in the PAX... going any higher is not advised unless you have good disability insurance.

Crucible Merkin

Start in a wide merkin stance with hands much further out than shoulder-width. Rotate hands 90 degrees outward until they are facing away from the body. Perform a merkin.

Crunchy Frog

Done in cadence, in a V-like sitting position, first wrap your legs with your arms. Quickly open yourself up by moving your arms out to your sides and extending your legs out in front of you. Bring them back in. Repeat.

Cumberland County Viaduct (CCV)

Basically - these are side raises. Lay on side with weight on elbow. In cadence - 1) raise hip up as high as you can. 2) back down but don't let other hip touch ground 3) raise up again 4) back down.

Cupid Shuffle

Q plays Cupid Shuffle (3:52 minute song):<br /> Do as they command from Plank Position<br /> Right=right; Left=left; kick=kick; Down=merkin<br /> EXTRA: Mountain Climbers when not doing movement

Curb Alpert

Pax in push up position alongside curb, and walk hands up and down the the curb as if they are drumming like the legendary Herb Alpert.


Exercises completed while holding/carrying a CMU or block overhead, usually in conjuction with running or walking. A la John Cusack's character in the popular 1980s movie "Say Anything." Also allows for really poor versions of "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel to be introduced as #mumblechatter.

Cut A Flip

Alternating between 5 Merkins and 5 Big Boy Sit-ups, flipping between the 2 exercises over and over, no rest. Can be performed until a specific number is reached, ex. 100 Merkins and 100 Big Boys; or can be used in an AMRAP scenario that is timed such as 1 Minute or waiting for partner to complete a movement.

Daft Punk

Lunge exercise performed in cadence with a cadence count that you cycle through three times (12 count move). Also sometimes know as the "around the world lunge" hence the F3 Moniker after Daft Punk's classic "Around the World." Right leg lunge forward (step back to center after each) / Right leg lunge sideways / Right leg lunge back / Left leg lunge back / Left leg lunge sideways / Left leg lunge forward. This completes one full Daft Punk.

Dan Taylor

Punishing leg exercise that is a cousin (of sorts) to Jack Webb. Named after Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, it combines 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio). It will leave the PAX feeling like "they ain't got no legs".

Dancing Bear Pyramid

PAX perform 1 Merkin and then recover to perform 1 Dancing Bear (Andean Bear from Nashville Zoo on news…basically a jump squat and OHP). R&R going up until 10 & 10. Then back down the other side of the pyramid back to 1 each. Great way to get in 101 Merkins and OHP Jump Squats in ~6 minutes as invented at F3Nolensville

Dancing Bears

Hands and feet on the ground, lift left leg and right arm to an uncomfortable height, then back on ground. Lift right leg and left arm to an uncomfortable height, return to the ground. Works great with a 4 count.

Dancing Chilcutt

Elbow Plank w/alternating leg lifts in cadence. Great for the back, not so much for the elbows.

Danger Zone

PAX performs side straddle hop while Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins plays in the background. Everytime the words danger zone are heard PAX does single squat then resumes side straddle hop. End result is 3 and a half minutes of SSH with sporadic squats.

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  • Legs
  • Music
  • Warm-Up


Karate Kid crane kick position. Alternate legs in quick succession. "If do right, none can defend."

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