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Capri Lap

Usually a warmup lap around the parking lot or AO staying close enough to be seen by any that arrive late, but can include and or all of the the warmup. Named this in honor of Mint Hill's Capri who seems to always be a minute or two late.

Captain Morgan

In plank position raise on one side and bring the high side knee up. Like Captain Morgan.

Captain Therkin

Captain Thor modified with 5 merkins between each set. 1:4, 5x merkin, 2:8, 5x merkin, 3:12, 5x merkin, etc.

Captain Thor

An ab exercise done in a 1:4 ratio. 1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers (Russian Twist). Try to get 10:40 before Merlot comes.


Running while crossing left foot over right and twisting at the hips, reverse - like the DBs do in the NFL. Often mistaken for Karaoke.

Carolina Dry Docks

Modified push-up. Bend only your elbows, allowing body to drop head toward hands without lowering your six.

Catalina Wine Mixer

Starting in plank position, go down onto each arm into a chilcutt. Last arm down becomes the first one to go back up into a plank. Then do a merkin. That's 1.

Catch Me If You Can

Two partners. Partner 1 performs 5 Burpees (or 10 Diamond Merkins or X Number of Whatever the Q says), and then sprints to catch the Partner 2, who has been running backwards. Repeato until Q says stop or track lap is complete.

Catch Us If You Can

Three partners. Partner A partner carries Partner B. Partner C performs 5 Burpees (or 10 Diamond Merkins or X Number of Whatever the Q says), and then sprints to catch the pair. Partner C then partner carries Partner A. Partner B performs the called number of the called exercise and then sprints to catch the pair. Partner B then partner carries Partner C. Partner A performs the called number of the called exercise and then sprints to catch the pair. Repeato.


PAX forms 2 lines face-to-face, down in plank position. Allow 2-3 feet between PAX. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style. Continue cycling through over a Q-prescribed distance or until toasted.

Charles Bronson

Start with 3 shovel flags, cones or other distance markers with first two 100 yards apart in a line, the last another 10-30 yards past. At starting point, perform 50 SSH's, sprint to 2nd point, then army crawl or bear crawl to 3rd point. Mosey back to start, 50 Merkins then rinse/repeat. 50 burpees, rinse/repeat. 50 LBC's, rinse/repeat. Finish with 50 Jump Squats rinse/repeat. Coupons optional. NOTE: a white board at start with exercises listed is invaluable.


Start in SSH position, go to the up SSH position, on the down go into a squat and bring hands to a point below the knees and repeat. Can be called IC or OYO.

Cheerleader Merkin

Needed: odd count of pax (example below is with 5 pax) and a raised surface (bench, bleacher, etc)<br /> 3 pax in plank side by side<br /> 2 pax on top (with feet on bench and hands on back of 2 pax below) to form pyramid <br /> 10 abyss merkins for pax on top and everyone rotates clockwise until rotation is complete


Like a merkin or carolina dry dock but you lower your body slowly to touch your forehead to the ground. "CH" refers to "Cheesehead". (Thanks Carrier in CLT Metro.)

Chicken Peckers

Feet up on the Wall, Hands on the ground. IC lift your hand and touch your opposite shoulder.

Chilcutt Peter Parkers

While holding Chilcutt position (see above), alternate bringing each leg up towards your arms (see Peter Parkers).


An elbow plank. All elbows and no discernible movement is the way Big Pete rolled.

Chilly Broad jumps

Each Pax member will be in the Chillcut position about 4-5 feet apart.  The person on the end will Broad Jump over each person until he gets to the end.  Then he will Chilcut and the next guy broad jumps etc. etc.  This will continue for 25-50 yards depending on the Q.

Chilly Jacks

A kissing cousin to the Plank Jack. This is a jumping jack while in the Chilcutt plank position.

Chinook Squats

Three Chinook arm circles, followed by a squat, count in cadence. Repeato until you feel you've had enough.

Chuck Norris Merkins

AKA the "Knerkin". A tradtional Merkin but performed using the knuckles instead of the open hand.

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  • Arms


To the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawumba, start with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, "I get knocked down, but i get up again" you do a burpee. While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH. In the end, you will do about 27 burpees. Great for the Warmorama, and to shut down any mumblechatter early in workout, or at any point during the workout.

  • Music


Properly known as Tabata.  A four-minute #Routine that involves 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of of rest repeated 8 times.  Properly done, all but guaranteed to induce #TBQ. Good for introverted Qs.


AMRAP in 20 minutes: 5 pullups, 10 merkins, & 15 squats."Borrowed" from a popular fitness craze, Cindy is a great total body beatdown and a great benchmark to gauge your progress over time. Plus, if you complete 20 rounds during the 20 minutes, add a mile run to the front and back end of the workout, and you've just completed The Murph.

Cindy Crawford

Like Cindy (AMRAP 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, and 15 squats) Plus 20 LBCs and 25 toe raises to get the full body bikini ready. Complete 20 rounds in 30 minutes and you’re ready for the two piece!

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Webelo in Jackson, MS

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