Trying to make sense of the exercises you may hear called at an F3 bootcamp? Need something new for your first or 100th Q? You’ve found the place. (You also may want to consult The Lexicon, at least after your first workout, to make sense of what just happened.)

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World War I snow angel

(Only to be called in the snow) Same motion as a WW1 sit-up but when you are in the extended position on your back, perform motions to create a snow angel on counts 3 and 4.

World War II sit-up

Starting position -- on your back with knees bent, both arms extended above your head on the ground. This is a four count exercise. For count one, PaX will move arms to bent knees while sitting up. For count two,, PAX will return to the starting position with arms extended over the head on the ground. Counts 3 and 4 will repeat the Counts 1 and 2. That is one rep. (Thanks Disney in CLT Metro.)

Worst Merkin Ever

1 Wide Arm Merkin, 1 Regular Merkin, 1 Diamond Merkin performed in succession with no break in form = 1 Worst Merkin Ever.

Worst Worst Merkin Ever

That's right, it can ALWAYS be worse! Done in cadence, start out with a Crucible Mercan on 1, a Wercan on 2, a regular Mercan on 3, and a Diamond Mercan on 4. Ten of these and you'll agree it's the worse of the worst.

Wounded Bear Crawl

Using a curb, crawl along it with one arm and one leg on the curb and the other on the asphalt / concrete next to it. You feel like a wounded animal...

X-Cross Sit-up

Done in (slow) cadence ... Starting position: Lie on your back, legs & arms extended out in an "X" position ... on the 1-count, simultaneously lift your left leg and right arm together to meet above your core, trying to keep both straight as possible as you touch your right arm to your left leg and then returning to the starting "X" position ... on 2-count, flap-jack with your right leg and left arm, again trying to keep both straight as possible as you touch your left arm to your right leg above your core and before returning to the starting "X" position ... on 3-count, execute a knee-up, lifting your shoulders and legs off the ground and touching your toes as you bring your knees up with just your six touching the ground ... on 4-count, extend arms and legs and return back to the starting "X" position. That is one rep.


Lay on your 6 with your arms and legs spread out to resemble a X. Start the move with a V up with right arm touching left shin, down then V up again with left arm touching right shin. The opposite arm and leg stay down. That's one rep. Bonus: raise arms and legs 6" off the ground and start the move from there, keeping down arm and leg at 6" while performing the V up.

Xs and Os

Starting position -- On your back with legs and arms extended in an X position (all six inches off the ground). When QIC calls out "O" the Pax will move into a seated V position with arms and legs tucked into the body. Hold the position until the QIC calls "X". PAX resume the X position with legs and arms 6 inches from the ground. Repeat as QIC calls the varying X and O position until halt.


4 count hybrid of Rosalita- Flutter Kick. Start with legs at 45 degree angle. Count 1 and 2 are the Rosalita with Counts 3 and 4 going directly into the flutter kick.

Yoke Walk

Many different variations with this one, but you'll need something heavy to carry across your shoulders and behind your neck. Can involve a heavy bar for a single pax member or pax can team up with heavy objects like logs.

Yul Brynner

Magnificent Seven Merkins. Progress through 7 different types of merkins without stopping/holding plank between each one: Carolina Dry Dock to Wide Merkin to Merkin to Ranger Merkin to Diamond Merkin to Crucible Merkin to Chuck Norris Merkin. Rinse and repeat on Q's call.


Burpee Variation in honor of the Ruskie (Yuri Verkhoshansky) who developed Plyometrics to train Olympians. Merkin at bottom of burpee is a clap-merkin and on up portion there are 2 tuck jumps per burpee. Basically a Clurpee with 2 tuck-jumps.

Yves Poll

From SkyHook in Houston: When I Q instead of backpeddling I call out Yves Poll (eves pole is how we’d say it in English) anyway, he was a French marathon runner who ran backwards all the time. My father in law was an ultramarathoner and Yves was one of his running buddies.

Zebra Butt-Kicks

Ever seen a zebra launch another savannah beast in the sky? If so, it was with that butt kick that they do so perfectly. Virtually no exercises wear out our glutes in F3. The zebra kick is gluteus maximus. From plank, bend that knee to 90 and kick skyward. High reps, imagine your heel busting up the chops of some lioness.

Zig-Zag Hops

Find a beam, log, or other object, even a pax member or two (who has signed a disclaimer) to jump over. Start on one side and hop over in a zig-zag fashion from from end to the other. Added because we need something that begins with a Z.

Zombie Crawl

Start in a plank position and crawl with both legs dragging behind. For an added challenge try a Zombie Crawl on an incline.

Zombie Crunch

LBC with both legs bent/laid to one side (like a dead zombie). Then repeat for other side.

Zombie Walk

A lunge walk over a long distance. Causes the PAX to groan and stumble like the Walking Dead.

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