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War Hammer

This exercise is a combination of a World War II sit-up by adding four American Hammer reps at the top of the sit up. Similar to Captain Thor, but this does not include an ascending count.

Water Wheel

Done in SLOW cadence. Stand with feet wide, toes forward. (1) bend the right leg (left stays straight) and lean down to touch the right foot. (2) Press rt. leg straight to original position. (3) bend left leg (rt. stays straight) and lean down to touch left foot. (4) Press left leg straight to original position.<br /> A good compliment to Windmills.

Wave of Merkins

Circle up, get into plank position, first person does one merkin, then the next person to the right does a merkin, should look like a wave flowing around the circle, until you get back to the first person who then performs 2 merkins, repeat all the way up to 10 and back down. Stay in plank position the entire time.

We're Not Worthy Praises

Everyone remembers Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy." With arms extended outward, lower and raise arms. Ok, ok, it's a front raise. But this is F3! Extremely effective when mixed in with other arm exercises, or by adding bricks or concrete block.


A standard suicide but instead of touching each line the pax does an increasing number of merkins at each line. Run to the first line, do one merkin, run back to start, run to next line, do two merkins, and so on until you get to 10. A running form of the Jack Webb usually done on a large parking lot.

Weekend at Bernie's

This is a partner drag exercise where one partner is a "causality" and the other partner has to get him down the field. Any type of drag can be used for this exercise. At warthog we used bear crawls as well drags where the pax drags the causality by the ankles down the field. Reason for name is because while we were preforming this exercise many pax had flashbacks to scenes in the move where they were moving Bernie around the house.

Weezy Jefferson

Ab exercise performed laying on back, hands under bum, legs raised to 90 degrees. In cadence, lower legs quickly towards the ground, stop legs 6 inches above ground without touching ground, and move 'em back up to 90 degrees (like you're movin' on up like George & Weezy). Could be used in place of foot-push-down during a Guantanamo by pushing 90 degree legs from head-side. (Thanks Döner Kebab in Richmond.)

Welcome Party

Invite PAX to show up 15 min. prior to a workout, any PAX can "host"-promise coffee/donuts/safespace/etc BUT instead, deliver pre-workout pain. Example includes rounds of BURPEES for 10 minutes. Try to fit in at least 100, add burpee variations if desired... also bring agressive music to do burpees to.

Welsh Dragons

Remain in plank position the whole time. Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the BACK of each shoulder 1 time. Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time - bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 sets of back of shoulder taps... etc. Go until you get to 10 reps each, you've covered 30-50 feet, or until your arms fall off - whichever comes first.


Start in the Downward facing dog position (high plank) transition to a low plank then to upward facing dog and back to down dog in one smooth motion. It kind of looks like you are going from down dog to howling at the moon and the first time the Smokehouse men did it there was a full moon over Batesburg-Leesville. On the return to the downward facing dog the pax should push through the shoulders to really feel the burn.


Werkin is a Merkin with hands more than sholder width apart. Also known as the Wide-Arm Merkin.

Whamo lunge walks

One pax throws a frisbee. All pax sprint in that direction until frisbee lands. When it lands, all PAX stop and then lunge-walk until they get to the frisbee. Can be modified with duck walk, crab walk, whatever.

Wheel of Animal Walk

Essentially a Wheel of Merkin with Animal Walks between each stage. Find a parking lot 40-60 yds. across, preferably with an incline (the steeper the better). Begin at bottom of incline. Frog Hop across, do 10 Merkins w/ both hands on curb. Bear Crawl across, do 10 Merkins w/ left hand on curb. Duck Walk across, do 10 Merkins w/ feet on curb. Crab Walk across, do 10 Merkins w/ right hand on curb. North Augusta Pax LOVE this one.

Wheel of Merkin

Grab a piece of curb, and perform a number of incline merkins. Staying in the plank position, rotate 90 degrees clockwise until your body is parallel to the curb with left hand on the curb and right hand off it. Repeat the same number of merkins. Rotate 90 degrees more and perform the same number of decline merkins. Rotate 90 degrees more. Repeat with right hand on the curb and left hand off it.

When Animals Attack

5 mins – mark off an area (kill zone). All PAX remain in area at all times. One PAX (“the attacker” or “it”) starts in one corner, the other PAX in the other corner. Assume bear crawl position and stay there. The Attacker begins to chase his prey throughout the kill zone (in bear crawl mode). Once contact is made with PAX ("tag"), contacted PAX becomes the attacker, returns to his corner, and it starts over. Tweak the exercise with the size of the kill zone and the number of people. Variation: instead of tagging, you have to take your prey down to the ground (F3 meets jiu jitsu) which from your hands and knees should be safe."<br /> Wide-arm Merkin,,Merkin with hands more than sholder width apart. Also known as the Werkin.<br /> William Wallace,Run

Wilson's Wife

Inverted military press performed with your feet up on your partner's shoulders -- essentially a BTTW when you don't have a wall.

Wilt Chamberlains

Space cones 100 ft apart. Length of basketball court. Line up at first cone do 100 lbc's then run to second cone do 100 squats back to first do 100 flutter kicks(each leg) then end back at second to finish off with 100 lunges(50 each leg). Nice ab and lower body routine. Named for Wilts NBA record 100 pt game.

Windshield Wipers

On your six with legs together at 90 degree angle. This is a 10-count exercise. First, move both legs together to the left, till they are 6 inches from the ground. Then go to the right till they are six inches from the ground all the way to the right. Then go back to the middle to end the 10-count. Repeat.

Wing Nut

Sitting on picnic table, feet under bench, leaned back to approx. 15 degrees with back and neck straight, fists touching in front of chest so that elbows point parallel with shoulders, rotate waist so that each elbow touches the table top. Complete in 4-count cadence.


Wide-arm merkin, (Standard) Merkin, Diamond Merkin.

WMD Crawl

A Bear Crawl executed by doing 5 Werkins and crawling 10 steps with hands set out wide followed by 5 Merkins and crawling 10 steps with hands at normal position followed by 5 Diamond Merkins and crawling 10 steps with hands set in close. Rinse and repeat until the desired distance has been traveled.

Wojo Squats

Squats in which you slap the pavement at the bottom of each rep, like an overly energetic Duke basketball player.

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  • Legs

Wood Chopper

Grab a sandbag (preferably, for the instability) or a paver. Start in a crouch, twisted to the left, sandbag outside your left shin (1). Swing the sandbag up across the body to the right to a standing press position with weight outside your right shoulder (2). Swing back down to the left to the starting position (3). Back up (4). You should swing vigorously enough to be forced to decelerate the weight at both top and bottom - really swing it, as if you were chopping wood. / 20 count in cadence. Switch sides to start on the right. Repeato. / Intersperse with another exercise for recovery, and complete 3 sets for a true #CrowdPleaser. Misery and soreness from hips to armpits sure to result. / Disclaimer: Maintain good form - straight backs! Bad backs or unfit FNGs should modify to jumpies with the weight.

Wooly Worm aka Inch Worm.

Place feet on swing seat while in a plank position. Bring knees to chest pulling swing with feet for a suspended reverse crunch (inch worm movement). Introduced at SVU day of Wooly Worm Festival.

World War I sit-up

Starting on your back with arms fully extended above your head and legs straight, raise your upper body keeping your arms straight above your head until you are upright then bring your arms as far forward trying to touch your toes. Then return to starting position flat on ground. (Thanks Carrier in CLT Metro.)

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