Trying to make sense of the exercises you may hear called at an F3 bootcamp? Need something new for your first or 100th Q? You’ve found the place. (You also may want to consult The Lexicon, at least after your first workout, to make sense of what just happened.)

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Bear Crawl

Walk on ground with both hands and feet, like a bear.

Bear Crawl 1-2-3

Dora's obnoxious neighbor who throws wild parties all night long. Partner up, perform 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats as a team. While Partner 1 is doing the 1-2-3, Partner 2 Bear Crawls across a defined space (parking lot works great), and Crawl Bear back, then flip flop until all Merkins, LBCs, and Squats are complete.

Bear Crawl 360

Perform Bear Crawl while rotating 360 degrees the entire time. Can be performed clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Bear Crawl Burpees

PAX start in upright position arms raised (Grizzly bear rarwr) drop in to burpee, at the top of the push up start bear crawling. Everytime you hear Grizzly, you hop back up, drop back down, push up and crawl again.

Bear Crawl Inch Worm

PAX lines up head to to feet in plank position. The man in the back of the line bear crawls to front of the line and yells front and next man does the same thing until whole PAX has done it.

Bear Crawl Merkin

4ct exercise. Start in bear crawl. 3 count crawl with the 4th being the merkin. Hands should be staggered during merkin and if done correctly will result in each hand being staggered forward on opposing reps.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Combines exercises we have all come to love/hate. Circle up around shovel flag. Begin by bear crawling around in circle until Q says stop. Upon stopping, first Pax completes 10 merkins while other Pax plank, then next pax in line completes 10 merkins while other pax plank. Keep going around until all pax have completed the 10 merkins. The suck factor greatly increases the more pax you have (longer planks). Do as many rounds as time permits, or really until Q is smoked. Best when combined with a mucho chesto variation. 5 rounds of bear crawls in circle formation, 10x each of merkins, diamond merkins, werkins, stagger left merkin, and stagger right merkins. (ie Round 1 bear crawl in circle, Q halt, first pax does 10 merkins, pax plank until all pax have completed 10 merkins....begin bear crawling again for Round 2, Q halt, first pax does 10 diamond merkins, pax plank until all pax have com pleted 10 diamond merkins....etc.)

Bear Crawl Snake

Similar to Bear Crawl Inch Worm, but adds a weave. PAX line up head to feet in plank position. The man at the back of the line, bear crawls to front of the line, weaving in and out of planking PAX and yells when at front. Next man does the same thing until all PAX have completed. Repeato as necessary.

Bear Hold

What happens when you combine a plank and bear crawl.... you get the Bear Hold. Its is the bear crawl position, but don't move. 4 points of contact, hands and toes. Knees should be slightly off the ground.

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Bearmuda Triangle

3 markers ~30yds apart in shape of a triangle. Pax performs one burpee at first marker and bear crawls to 2nd marker, 2 burpees and bear crawl to 3rd marker, 3 burpees and bear crawl back to 1st marker. Rinse and Repeat x 3. Named Bearmuda Triangle as it has been known to mysteriously lose some pax along the way.


The Bearpees are long lost cousins to the Burpeedans and suck equally. Line up across a field or parking lot. OYO 1 Burpee followed up by 4 count bearcrawl forward. Once PAX get to other side, rinse and repeat adding another Burpee, keeping the 1:4 ratio but only increasing the number of Burpees. This is best achieved when going past 4!

Bears & Blocks

Get on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block on the grass between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block across the grass past your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the field.

Bearway to Heaven

A Bear Crawl suicide of seven increasing lengths with decreasing burpees at the end of each length. Ideally the lengths and number of burpees should be such that the entire exercise takes the full 8:01 time of "Stairway to Heaven".

Beep Test/Highlander

PAX run continuously between two points that are 20 meters apart from side to side. The runs are synchronized with a smart phone application that played beeps at set intervals. At the sound of a beep, the PAX run 20 meters before then next beep sounds As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep decreases, forcing the PAX to increase their speed over the course of the test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording. Should the Pax fail to make the 20 meter distance prior to the sounding of the Beep, then the PAX are eliminated from the test. Any eliminated PAX do exercises previously designated by the “Q” until only 1 PAX remains doing the Bleep Test.


Pax lays flat on then ground in a line, Q says go. Everyone hops up similar to recovering from a burpee, and sprints 5 - 10 steps, then dives down flat on the ground remaining in line. Essentially, you're advancing the field without the enemy fire being able to smoke you. Go hard, go quick. After getting to your resting place, complete upper, and core routines, then do a different upper, core routine, then belch back to the starting point, mission accomplished.<br /> Best on grassy fields in the gloom with some morning dew, some dives have slides, one must reverse low crawl to get back to the line or forward low crawl to advance to the line.

Bent Jacob

Any deviation from a straight #JacobsLadder.


Doing merkins using bricks, best when including squats and jumpups.

Bernie Sanders

Find the tallest hill you can and traverse it from bottom to top while running backwards. You'll find the quads you never had and all the while feeling the BERN. Repeat as necessary.

Big Bang

PAX form small circle, everyone in a plank, shoulder-to-shoulder. Place headlamp in the center. Q calls out a number and exercise. For example, "10 burpees," means PAX stand up in an explosion of energy, run directly away from center of circle 10 yards/paces and do 10 burpees, then run back to the center and plank for the 6. Each PAX must find their own route away from the center of circle. Obstacles--ditches, trees, pits--are encouraged, but next round can't start until all PAX accounted for. Generally performed in increasing counts (10 paces/reps, 20 paces/reps, 30 paces/reps, 40 paces/reps, 50 paces/reps) representing the ever-expanding universe.

Big Boy Sit-up-Ups (aka, Bissyous)

Big Boy Sit-up-Ups = standard Big Boy Sit-ups + stand all the way up when you get to the top of each sit up position... helps to have a Partner holding your feet. Recommended Partner holding feet keep head down chin to chest - avoid strange encounters to the face during exercise!

Big O

Sit on the very edge of a skate bowl or any ledge with your legs hanging over the abyss, feet together. Make big O's with your feet, bringing them down into the bowl on the downswing. Hands out to the side or gripping ledge.

Bill Murray

Same as Sheldon Cooper, but instead of decreasing reps after each run, you do 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 BBSU, and 10 burpees each time.<br /> After the 3rd or 4th round, one of the PAX said he felt like he was in 'Groundhog Day.' That is what led us to Bill Murray for the name.

Billy Madison

Inspired by Billy Madison's journey through back through school, this routine involves a running loop and exercise per grade. For best effects, perform routine on school grounds. Begin with a loop (ideally single-file line leader style) to simulate the grade, followed by an exercise with 12 reps as the exam. This concludes 1st grade. Run the loop again, followed by the 1st grade exercise x 12 reps plus a new exercise x 12 reps. This concludes 2nd grade. Continue with the loop and adding an exercise each time until you've completed one loop and exercise combo for each of the 12 grades. Great for mumble chatter and telling of high school victories. Celebrate graduation with snack packs for all!

Billy Run

An AYG run performed during the last few hundred yards of what ought to be fellowship pace back to the parking lot at the end of a workout, initiated by one of the PAX when the spirit leads.


Bizzaro is Superman's Doppelganger (aka the "negative Superman"), from DC comics. The exercise involves pulsing in and out of the Superman position over the lip of a skate bowl/pool (picnic table, ledge, whatever) so that the legs actually go negative.

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