Trying to make sense of the exercises you may hear called at an F3 bootcamp? Need something new for your first or 100th Q? You’ve found the place. (You also may want to consult The Lexicon, at least after your first workout, to make sense of what just happened.)

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The Elwood

Like High Knees or Chopping feet but keep your arms in sync and symmetrical with your feet. Right hand and right knee are up while the left hand and left knee are Down and vice versa. Pax can settle into a steady driving quarter note 4/4 rhythm on this. It’s a great way to bring in the 6 while keeping heart rates elevated.

The Grateful Dead (aka Dancing Bear)

Basically a plank-o-rama with some stupidity mixed in. Do 5 Merkins. Rotate 360° in place to the left. Left arm up, right arm up, etc. Do 5 Werkins. Rotate 360° in place to the right. Left arm up, right arm up, etc. Do 5 Diamond Merkins. Now while in place, lift left arm and leg up, then quickly swap to right arm and leg up. Do this back and forth as quick as you can, making sure to get full extension. Now you look like a Dancing Bear!

The Gross

The beauty of this is you can crank it up or ratchet it down depending on what kind of pain you want to inflict. Pick 12 exercises, do 12 reps of each. 12x12=144 which is a Gross. Done for the first time by Barry Manolow and YHC to highlight the exercises we hate the most - all in one workout. Breeds fantastic mumble chatter.

The Hightower

As the Nation knows, F3GrandStrand lost Jacob "Hightower" Hancher this past weekend as he was serving as a Myrtle Beach Police Officer. EOW: 10/03/20. We did a full workout to honor him. This is a part of the workout based on a very apropos Bible Verse: Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. So - 5 Exercises – 9 reps each. 1) Burpees 2)Bodybuilders – burpee with Plank jack 3)Triple Merkin Burpees – burpee with 3 hand release merkins 4)Triple Jump Squat Burpees - burpee with 3 jump squats 5)Putting them all together - Triple Merkin Triple Jump Squat Bodybuilders - burpee with 3 hand release merkins, plank jack, and 3 jump squats

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  • Arms
  • Cardio
  • Legs
  • Routine

The Hodor

Inspired by Hodor of Game of Thrones and his only purpose in life to carry a crippled boy. With a cinder block held in front of you, squat until the block touches the ground, stand, rotate the block over your head to a triceps extension, squat, stand, rotate the block back in front. That's 1. Repeat x 30 followed by 1 lap around a 1/4 mile track - with block.

The Lion King

Start with a coupon tight to your chest. Move into the low squat position and lower the coupon between your knees. Coming up out of the squat raise the coupon high above your head thrusting it upward so that it is weightless for a fraction of second. Think Simba being presented in the Lion King.

The Sheldon Cooper

Same as the Cooper just add big boy sit ups.

The Swimmer

Using bricks in each hand the PAX performs the freestyle stroke.

The W.A.S.H.

Werkins (50, preferably hand-release). American Hammers (100). Step-Ups (150). Hip Thrusts (200). Done OYO or in pairs (with one partner running - either laps or designated sprints - while the other does exercise, then switch as needed until exercises completed).

The Wolverine

A big-boy burpee fit for a super-hero: From standing position, drop to plank, one merkin, left knee tuck to the chest, another merkin, right knee tuck to the chest, yet another merkin, stand, jump, overhead clap. That's one. Rinse. Repeat.


The runner's version of Mary. Primarily consists of stretching exercises led by the QIC for optimal recovery and injury prevention following some street pounding.

Thigh Master

Starting position - In forward lunge with knees slightly bent. Perform standard lunge movement bending with back knee touching ground and then return to starting position. Done in cadence (all with same leg), count 1 down, 2 up, 3 down, 4 up =1. Continue with set # then switch legs and repeat. Can be performed slow (with knee reaching ground) or fast ultimately resulting in excessive "burn" in the thighs.

Three Amigos

Three members of Pax assume air chair position, but back-to-back-to-back, leaning on each other. Hold position as with wall sits, drop lower and hold, or begin to walk as a group in direction of your choosing. Failure to reach destination means all three must do 10 burpees.

Created By:

Adam Storms


Q plays "Thunderstruck" by ACDC. PAX complete 1 standard Merkin for every "thunder!" that is heard in the song. Plank during the rest of the song. Awesome way to end a workout and just make sure any juice that's left is burned away.

Tie Fighters

Baby Arm Circles in a lunge position. Forward BACs with right leg forward. Backward BACs with left leg forward to balance the Force.

Created By:

Code Brown, F3Knoxville Region. Created for a May the Fourth workout.

  • Arms
  • Legs

Tony Hawk Burpee

A normal burpee but when you jump, do a 360 degree spin in the air each time.

Tooth Fairy

With feet at the bottom of a staircase (or other steep incline) and hands on the 3rd or 4th step (depending on PAX height and step size). Do an incline merkin and at elbow extension do a little hop with hands and feet up to the next steps (so for example you move from steps 0 & 3 to 1 & 4). The longer the staircase the better the burn. (Name comes from PAX stating "if you don't do this right you might lose your teeth" and because the hop looks a little fairy-ish).

Top Gun

Perform 10 reps each of 5 standing coupon exercises (Ex: Curls, Rows, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Squats, Lunges) for 10 minutes. The 5 coupon exercises are repeated for the entire 10 minutes. The Danger Zone happens every minute on the minute when PAX drops coupon and perform 3 Burpees, then pick up where they left off on the coupon exercises. Dial up the suffering by extending the time, increasing the number of burpees, or increasing the reps of exercises. Acapella versions of Kenny Loggins' classic tune Danger Zone are welcomed.

Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S.

Buddy up with one rucksack between each pair. Partner #1 puts on rucksack and starts walking. Partner #2 does first exercise on the list and then chases down Partner #1. When he catches his partner, they swap: Partner #2 takes the rucksack while Partner #1 does the same exercise. Repeat until all exercises have been done 5 times BY EACH partner.<br /> -5 Burpees (50 per pair)<br /> -10 Outlaws (100 per pair)<br /> -15 Merkins (150 per pair)<br /> -20 Big Boy Sit-ups (200 per pair)<br /> -25 Squats (250 per pair)

Tour de Humpers

PAX run around a neighborhood where more than one F3 Member lives (preferably over 3). At every stop sign, a combination of 3 exercises are performed with the following counts 10,20,30 (i.e. 10 Merkins, 20 Carolina Dry-Docks, 30 Squats). When the PAX pass by a house where an F3 Member lives everyone stops in front of their house and performs 25 Monkey Humpers. Works best if they have a Ring Doorbell. Invented by @Aquaman to prevent Fartsacking in an F3 heavy neighborhood in Cherokee.

Travolta Merkins

Picture Saturday Night Fever while doing Merkins. Start in plank. First move is a Merkin. 2nd move is right arm high. 3rd move is to reach under and across your body as far as you can. 4th move is to reach high again. 5th move is back to the Merkin. Flapjack with the left and then flapjack until you're sick of singing "staying alive, staying alive"


In the normal right/left arm up plank position, raised arm is lowered and reaches as far as possible underneath and behind your body, and then back up. Think Stayin' Alive in the side plank position. Extra credit for actually using a pointed finger.

Triple Check

Teams of three. First man in a peoples chair, second man in front of him in plank, third man sprints 100 yards and back, rinse and repeat times three.

Triple Nickel

Find a hill. Start at bottom, run to top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on flat surface with launch point and target point.

Tunnel of Love

While Pax plank side by side, one by one someone crawls under the tunnel of planking pax. Best done with a ruck on, in the snow, or anywhere there is accumulated mud.

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