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Superman Merkin

Plank starting position. Combine a merkin with the superman move. Go down, superman (release hands, feet and hands up off the ground, move hands from over your head to beside you with arms bent at an angle), hands back under you and push up.

Superman Yellow Sun (and Red Sun)

While in Superman position, perform sun gods. Yellow sun going forward, red sun going reverse. Usually done in cadence. Best when ground is wet or frozen to ellicit maximum mumble chatter.


A sit-up executed from flat on your back until touching your toes.


This name has been submitted twice. 1) Burpees in the surf, or; 2) Similar to a burpee but you jump up into the surf position with the the majority of your weight on your back foot.

Surfer Merkin

360 degree jump then go down for merkin, pop back up and repeat.


Same as Guantanamo but in a straight line along the surf incorporating the ocean.

Suzanne Somers

Ode to the "Thigh Master" infomercial from everyone's favorite girl on "Three's Company." Regular squat but pointing your toes outward. Great exercise for inner thigh. Good form is keeping your stance wide, weight on heels, and back kept straight. Also submitted as... All pax circle up and on their six. Lay on right side with right arm stretched out above your head. Bend knees to bring feet toward your rear with heels in line with your spine. While maintaining this position, raise your left leg while keeping your knees bent, feet together and your right leg on the ground. Bring left leg back down to right leg to complete one rep. This can be done in cadence or OYO. Once you have done enough reps to feel those hip flexors and glutes start burning, flapjack and repeato while laying on your left side. These look almost as ridiculous as Monkey Humpers and result in a similar burn. Named after the star of the Thigh Master "fitness" craze commercials. Sure to get some mumblechatter flowing.

Sweat Angels

On your six do a double dolly (arms and legs at 6" off the ground) like your making a snow angel.


Pushup with feet in in a playground swing. As you complete the pushup, bring your knees into your chest and back out.

Swingset Orangutans

Jump up and grab the top of the swingset going sideways and walk your walk hand over hand to the other end.


One Pax holds the other’s legs while they do push-ups in handstand position (like they are getting a swirly).

T Merkin

Plank Starting position. 4 Count. 1) Down 2) Arms out to your side pinching shoulder blades together 3) Hands back to Merkin position 4) Up.


Start in a crab position, feet together under your 6, hands and feet on the ground.<br /> IC feet go:<br /> 1) Legs straight, feet together<br /> 2) Legs straight and spread<br /> 3) Feet back together and legs straight<br /> 4) Feet together and back under your 6<br /> <br /> That is one rep. Don't let your 6 touch the ground!

Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette’s country song hit, “Stand By Your Man” is the inspiration here. Starting position: PAX 1 assumes the merkin plank while PAX 2 remains standing beside ‘his man’. Exercise: Pax 1 does merkins in sync with PAX 2 who does deep squats. They do 10 reps either by Q call or on their own. At multiples of 10, the partners switch out alternating between merkins & squats. Example: 1,2,3 … 10, (switch) 11,12,13…20 (switch) 21,22,23, …30 (switch), etc. until they reach 200; that’s 100 merkins + 100 squats per man. (Note: on each switch, the merkin man should explode off the deck as in the 5-6 count of the burpee.) Other standing/ground exercises may be substituted at Q’s discretion. In fact, an entire routine could be made up of multiple ‘Tammy Wynettes’.


Similar to daisy pickers- in standing position, legs spread past shoulders, bend at waist slowly and tap the ground in three spots stretching as far as you can behind body. Done in cadence to the words Tap-py-tap

Tempo Merkin

Merkin, in cadence, with 3 count down, 1 count up.

Tennessee Iditarod

Like the Iditarod race only no snow, huskies, or sleds. Wrap a climbing rope around PAX One’s waist. PAX Two holds the rope, like reigns, behind PAX One. PAX Two gives resistance while PAX One pulls “the sled”. Works best with a AYG sprint and maximum resistant.

Tennessee Rocking Chair

1) Bending only at the waist, touch toes. 2) Bending only at the knees, drop to a squat position. This should rotate your torso back to vertical and arms horizontal. 3) Straighten the knees, returning to toe-touch position. 4) Return to starting position

The Bruce and the Cait

This is a very simple Merkin that adds elements of balance and core. The Bruce start in regular Merican Pose with one leg crossed over the other at the ankle. When you come back up on the Merkin switch legs. The Cait is very similar but you switch at the bottom of the Merkin, and not the top.


The name of Rocky's dog and the exercise is like the Rocky Balboa with toe tapping fast at curbside. You use the curb as a step and alternate stepping as rapid as you are able for one minute, rest one minute, continue one minute. Completed in THREE ROUNDS..(hopefully, without a TKO).

The Chinook

Overhead arm circles.

The Cooper

1 lap around track. 10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around track. Then 9,9, 9 of same. Count down to 1. Gets pretty brutal when you get to around 5.

The Cycle

From home plate, bear crawl to 1st base, 3 burpees, crawl bear back to home<br /> From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to 2nd base, 6 burpees, crawl bear back to home<br /> From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to third base, 9 burpees, crawl bear back to home<br /> From home plate, bear crawl around the bases to home plate.

The Dab

10 burpees per minute for 5 minutes, run 1/4 mile, rinse and repeat x 4.

The Donatello

To end a workout with suicides on a long set of stairs (I.E. Snake Pit's Big Boy Stairs which has 83 stairs & 7 landings)

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