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Squat Walking Rockette

Start in a parallel squat with arms in front and kick your left leg toward your right hand, squat back down, kick your right leg toward your left hand, squat back down and repeat.


Two man teams. First man in merkin position with second man behind holding first mans legs at his waist. First man does one merkin with his legs elevated. Second man perfroms one squat using the body weight of the first mans legs. Begin again for # of reps called by Q.

Stagger Merkins

Merkins but with one arm positioned up and away from the body while the other hand is in its regular position.


Wheelbarrow position - up one flight of stairs. Space permitting the down partner then does 10 Derkins (partner holding legs). Flap Jack if another flight up. If not same partner return down the stairs and flap jack at bottom for another round.

Stairway to Seven

Obvious derivative of the Robert Plant...At a stadium, wide stairwell or amphitheater, start with 1 Burpee at bottom, 1 incline push-up on first step, run to top, 1 squat on top step, then run back down. Repeat 7 times up increasing reps of each exercise by 1 each time, so you finish with 7 burpees, 7 incline push-ups, run to top, 7 squats at top. Other exercises ascending from 1-7 can be added or substituted, such as supine pull-ups if you have the apparatus available, like a stadium railing.

Star Jack

Combination of Side Straddle Hop and Squat Jump usually done OYO. From balled up squat position jump up and spread your arms and legs into an X or "star" then return to balled up squat position.

Star Jack Burpee

Similar to burpee but includes a StarJack instead of the jump at the end.

Starfish Crunch

The PAX lay spread eagle on their backs, feet just above ground. On count of 1, the PAX crunch at the core bringing the left leg and right arm together, On 2, return to start. On 3, crunch bringing the right leg and left arm together, on 4, return to start. Rinse and repeat many, many times.

Steel Blades

The evil twin of Blades of Steel - Laying flat on your back, push your upper body up using your elbows. If you are super BA, you push you six off the ground so you are in a reverse plank on your heels and elbows.


Hold plank for 30 secs, then lower to forearm plank for 30 secs. Then 10 merkins IC. Then peter parker, mountain climber, parker peter with one leg. Should be outside elbow, then chest, then opposite elbow. 10 IC. Then 10 merkins IC. Return to plank and repeat. Flap jack with the PP's. Finish with merkins to complete 1 set.

  • Routine

Step into the Circle

Performed to the song Move by Thousand Foot Krutch, Pax plank up in a circle. Every time the song says move take one plank walk to the left then to the right the next time it says move. Whenever it says Circle the Pax spin in a circle. The progression goes: plank walk right one step, spin in a circle, plank walk left one step. For all the studs out there you can do merkins or plank jacks waiting on the verses, but for most 3 + minutes of plank-walking and spinning in circles is plenty. Great warm-up and will get the sweat dripping and the shoulders burning to start off the workout.

Step ups

On a low wall, raise each leg one at a time up on the wall. Sometimes the second leg can be brought up to the chest before placing on wall. Often times done in a ladder along with another exercise.

Steve Earle

Starting position is standing w/hands behind your head. In four-count cadence, perform Copperhead Squat with a Hillbilly thrown in on the 4th count of the cadence.

Stink B.O.M.B.S.

B.O.M.B.S. x 2 on reps + use a spoke layout. Set 5 cones out surrounding the Shovel Flag. Pax #1 starts the B.O.M.B.S. reps at the first cone while pax #2 goes to the Shovel Flag to do exercise chosen by the Q (for example 50 curls or 50 LBC's). Pax #2 then swaps with Pax #1. Work at same spoke until all reps are completed. Then move to next spoke. Q can change center exercise with each move to next spoke. B.O.M.B.S = 100 Burpees, 200 Over Head Presses, 300 Merkins, 400 Big Boy Sit-ups, 500 Squats.


Steps ups, one each leg, then irkin using same surface as used for the stepups

Stump Huggers

Start out in the bear crawl position hold in a plank. Come down to elbow (plank) on left arm then right, then up to hands.

Sugar Bear Crawls

Modified bear crawl. In bear crawl position, legs stay straight and bounce side to side and propel the body forward.

Sugar Cookie

Works best on a baseball field with wet grass and a dirt infield. Do a called number of Supermans while kicking legs in cadence, as though you are swimming in the grass. Sprint to dirt infield and do called hand-release merkins followed by big boys. Rinse and repeat 3 rounds. Replicates a Navy punishment where you have to jump in the ocean followed by exercises on the beach. You get covered by sand and look like a sugar cookie.

Suicide Ladder

A shuttle run with an exercise set after each return to the starting line. After each full shuttle run the exercise count goes up by five reps. Repeat until out of time or until no one can take it anymore.

Suicide Squats

Start in normal starting squat position, squat, ~50% of regular squat, then back to normal starting position. Then go to full perpendicular regular proper squat, then back to normal vertical position, then finally go to full deep ankle squat before returning to vertical starting position. Q typically leads this exercise in a cadence of 1, 2, 3, or baby, regular, deep after which PAX reply with the rep count. Great towards the end of a warm-up to transition into the meat of the beatdown.


Done on basketball court or football field. On basketball court, start at end line, sprint to foul line, touch the ground, sprint back to end line touch the ground, sprint to mid court and touch line, sprint back to end line and touch line, sprint to far foul line and touch ground, sprint back to end line and touch the ground, sprint to far end line and touch the ground, sprint back to original end line. Rinse and repeat.

Sumo Squat

Feet in wide stance (like a sumo wrestler), squat down and touch ground with both hands. For added fun can add sumo sounds and sumo leg lift between each rep. Also done by some groups as a jump squat with the same touch of the ground.

Sun Gods

This exercise is perhaps common among F3 nation, but is deserving of an actual description other than shoulder rolls. Sun Gods is the rotating of shoulders through act of moving outstretched arms (with purpose and intensity) forward or backward in circular motion - Options for little Sun Gods and/or Big Sun Gods for desired effect. **Highly recommended with bricks.

Super 21

Super 21: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 situp; 2 merkins / 2 situps; 3 merkins / 3 situps, etc., etc. ....... up to 21 merkins/ 21 situps (total of 231 merkins and 231 situps). Insert other exercises in between to allow for recovery (i.e. - Super 21 #1 - #10, Monkey Humpers x 21, Super 21 #11-#13, Mountain Climbers x 21, Super 21 #14-#15, etc.).


Lie prone on the ground with arms, legs, and head held up as high as possible. Hold position to tolerance.

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