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First let me say that communicating with the Nation is an honor, but honestly not my strength. So, this post will be very matter-of-fact and unlikely to move you like a DoaH or Kitty com would. My mammon is contract law, although truly I’m a geek at heart.

As you are most likely aware, we have given f3nation.com a facelift. I want to take a bit of time to explain the changes to the site. I will close this post with some specific guidance for local Comz Teams.


The previous site was, like most of F3, pieced together through need due to massive and swift growth. The site was already on revision 5 thanks to the hundreds of hours of work from AP. We appreciate him thoroughly for all his work.


Now, in these current times we need to plan for even more growth. We have taken on a new host that will allow for additional domains/pages/services. With this flexibility, we will be able to expand web presence. For example:

  • F3 Nation is insourcing many of the paid 3rd party services
  • F3 Nation Maps are now self-hosted and add flexibility (and reduced costs)
  • F3 Foundation will get its own site
  • GrowRuck will get its own space (and potentially its own site down the road)

We have rebuilt the site from scratch, and have brought in much of the original content.

Maps:  We have moved from BatchGeo to a tool called Leaflet. The new map is hosted on GitHub. This allows flexibility, customization, and no 3rd party costs.

Hosting:  We have moved from WordPress.com to a Raleigh based host company, Veerotech.

Data/Databases:  Many of the backends were Google Sheets. We moved much of the content into true Databases that are backed up multiple times a day which means less reliance on Google, and faster by nature.

Branding:  We have updated the F3 protected content with Registered Marks and using consistent colors, fonts, imagery.

Engagement:  We have redesigned many aspects of the site to give Pax a place to go to get News of the Nation in a central location.

We hope you like the new site, and we are excited to release even more tools in the near future including a fully rebooted app for iOS and Android!

For ComzQs and IT Qs

The following is directed more to the ComzQs and IT Qs so it might be a bit geeky. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

And we’re back…


As mentioned, we are moving from BatchGeo to Leafet.js. There are many reasons for this change, but flexibility and cost are the main ones. I apologize for the short notice, but I would like to request that the regions update their maps prior to 7/15/2020. That gives you about a week. This would allow me to cancel BatchGeo prior to the next billing cycle. With that said, I will now give you a rundown on how to use this tool.


For embedding on your local site, I have written an updated set of instructions at https://f3nation.com/embedding-maps/. The page includes JSFiddle widgets that you can use to tweak your local page prior to embedded.

The page should be self-explanatory, but I am here to help. Contact me at [email protected] .

Map Changes

For map changes, everything takes place on the site now. No Google forms, no leaving the site.

From the Workout Locations Page, click Map Change Request, highlighted below.

To Add a workout, click the highlighted below on the Map Changes Page

To Change a workout, search for and find the workout using search. There is a “suggest edit and delete” button at the bottom right as highlighted.

I will have more exciting announcements very soon, but we need to get the maps updated as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention.





8 thoughts on “CSD’s Tech Update”

  1. Nice update. One issue I have seen with the new map is that the Lat/Long coordinates that we had put in for the exact flag location was lost in the migration. It looks like the new Lat/Long goes with the street address. Some of our flag locations might be 1/4 mile away from the street address Lat/Long. Is there a way to import the old Lat/Long for each AO or do I need to Suggest a Change for each one?

    Example: The Norseman street address puts the flag at the senior building on Cogburn Road where as we meet in the park by the football field nearly 1/4 mile away.

      • The issue I am seeing is that the MapGeo map point had our flag located at the proper point but now in the new map the flag has moved. Do I need to suggest changes for all of the flags or is there a way to import the previous locations?

      • Ill look to see if I can pull BatchGeo custom points, or where they were. This is a copy/pasta from BatchGeo DB so they must store the modifications somewhere else

  2. Thank you, CSD! I’ve sat down a couple times to write a leaflet.js version to give to the nation but work kept intervening. This is a vast improvement with lots of flexibility!


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