Embedding Maps


We ask all F3 regions have the F3 Nation Map or a local map on their local websites, giving any new guy one singular version of where to find a workout across F3. This latest map update is also helpful for the PAX who travel.

There are two main options in embedding this map.

* * *

Nation Map

To use the nation map, which is our standard, copy the below text and insert into your site:

View F3 Nation in a full screen map

Of note:

  • You may want to include the same instructions we’ve included on our maps page
  • If you want to zoom into a particular area or region, see below.

* * *

Local F3 map

Overview of steps:

  1. Determine how you want the map to center. Examples include zip codes, region names, or city.
  2. Copy the below “Local F3 Map Embed” text.
  3. Where you see q=98033, replace it with your decision. For example, replace 98033 with Dallas in *BOTH* places.
  4. Paste into your website editor.
  5. Note you can also edit the link text — seen below as “F3 Nation – Local” (no quotes) — should you choose.

Here’s the template:

View F3 Nation - Local in a full screen map