Embedding Maps


We ask all F3 regions have the F3 Nation Map or a local map on their local websites, giving any new guy one singular version of where to find a workout across F3. This latest map update is also helpful for the PAX who travel.

There are two main options in embedding this map.

Nation Map

To use the nation map, which is our standard, copy the below text and insert into your site:

Code for Nation Map

Of note:
  • You may want to include the same instructions we’ve included on our maps page
  • If you want to zoom into a particular area or region, see below.

Local F3 map

Overview of steps:
        1. Determine how you want the map to center. Longitude and Latitude is the definitive.
        2. Copy the below “Local F3 Map Embed” text.
        3. Look at the full url.
        4. Where you see ?lat=35.229256&lon=-80.860443&zoom=8 replace it with your location.
      Need to look up the Coordinates? Here is a tool
      1. This example is for Charlotte. You just need to replace the numbers behind lat=xxx and lon=xxx.
      2. You can change the zoom (1-16, but the system is optimized for 8 so the center might shift and thus you would need different coordinates.

      Here’s the template: You can use this tool below to configure your iframe. Just update the coordinates then click Result to see what the output will be.

Code for Local Map