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What do I do next?

Launching a new F3 region isn’t for the faint of heart but the good news is, we have the resources to help you! A few characteristics you will want to possess in starting the process include the following:

1. Entrepreneurial spirit – while we have folks that can help, the launch efforts are led by you, in the region in which you want to launch.

2. Communication skills – You will need to possess the ability to promote your launch efforts on the local level including access to Facebook groups and neighborhood apps. If you are a hermit – you might not be the guy to lead the launch

3. Desire to help men become unlocked. F3 is MORE than just a workout group. We are a leadership group masked as a workout group. Men who lead our regions look to invigorate male community leadership by planting, growing and serving small workout groups.

All groups that wish to operate workouts as an F3 group, be listed on this website or use the F3 methods and intellectual property, including our marks and logo, need to be planted under the involvement of F3 Nation’s Expansion Team or under the guidance of a neighboring F3 region.

Yes, F3 is free for all men and yes, we have a passionate desire to reach 250,000 men by 2025. But do not let the simplicity of the message confuse the complexity of the process. (It’s harder than it looks to start!)

What makes an F3 Region an F3 Region?:

The 5 core principles will be strictly enforced
The Mission will be followed
You will leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found them.

F3 Expansion Logo
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