You’ve poked around on this website a bit, or maybe you’re an out-of-town visitor who got invited to an existing F3 location. You might even be an existing F3 guy who’s moving to a new city or town where they don’t have F3.

“Hey, F3 guys, I think you need a workout in (INSERT CITY NAME HERE). I’m going to lead the first one next Wednesday” How do I get listed on the website?”

F3 Expansion Logo

What do I do next?

All groups that wish to operate workouts as an F3 group, be listed on this website or use the F3 methods and intellectual property, including our marks and logo, need to be planted under the involvement of F3 Nation’s Leap Team and an existing F3 region.

Yes, F3 is free for all men and yes, we have a passionate desire to give it away and get it in front of as many men as possible. But do not let the simplicity of the message confuse the complexity of the process. (It’s harder than it looks to start!)

We are also sticklers for doing things right when we do them as an all-volunteer organization, we have no choice and we have learned a lot of lessons the hard way over the last seven-plus years. If you want the longer version of why we take this approach, learn how to Help Us Say Yes.