Annual Report

for year ending 2020

Letter from the Nan'tan*

*A cultural/spiritual Leader within a Starfish-modeled Organization.


Thank you for your interest in reviewing the first ever F3 Nation, Inc. Annual Report. The purpose of this report is to achieve the level of transparency that the members of our group deserve. Who are the members of our group? All men. F3 Nation belongs to the tens of thousand of men running around this country (and others) with an F3 nickname. All. Men. As we strive to dramatically increase participation in F3, it is important that you know everything that is happening behind the curtain. A team is only able to meet objectives when they feel like a team. Even though geography is separating the almost 200 regions, we are connected by The Mission, The Credo, and our 5 Core Principals. Now, thanks to this report, we are also more connected with the information about how our team functions on a higher level.

The Executive Group, which is responsible for the daily operation of F3 Nation, has worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure that your F3 experience is preserved. Although the structure and players have changed, this same concept has been the top priority of F3 leadership for 10 years now; to preserve The Mission of F3. As the expansion of the Nation accelerates, it is paramount that we establish an organization that is best suited to handle the growth, preserve The Mission, and maintain the same culture that got us here. Simple word-of-mouth and a Twitter account are no longer sufficient. Therefore, we are designing and implementing the necessary tools to achieve our goals: a Board of Directors, expanded Shared Leadership Team, standardized best practices literature, accountability measures (like this report), and of course the F3 Foundation. These are just some of the systems and tools that our group will need as our Mission intensifies and grows.

Thank you for whatever role you may be playing in your home region. Every man has a portion of the load to carry. I am genuinely convinced that F3 is changing the world for the better; it happens one man at a time. We need to carry this torch as far as we possibly can so that every man that wants to join us has that opportunity. I see the magic happen almost every day; a life improved because of F3. We stand united in The Mission to make that possible. I sincerely hope to see you in the gloom sometime soon as it is the greatest privilege of my life.




Our Mission

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


At the end of 2020, F3 Nation included 1,922 workouts in 139 Regions in 30 states.


During the year, 26 new Regions were planted (a 23% increase from 2019) and 479 new workouts (a 33% increase over 2019).


In 2020, F3 Foundation provided nearly $120,000 to various organizations and programs to help further the mission of F3 Nation.

The impressive growth we saw in 2020 is just the beginning. Below are the future expansion goals for the Nation. A Quarter Million Guys in 2025!



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AOs (Workouts)

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Connecting F3 Nation

Through Fitness, Fellowship and Faith, F3 believes we have reached upwards of 40,000 men since the organization was founded in 2011. Conservatively, that could mean that we have 15,000-20,000 active members (men who participate in F3 workouts and events on a consistent basis).

Social Media

We continue to engage with pax across social media platforms (namely Facebook and Twitter for external communications). Here’s a snapshot of the F3 Nation social media accounts:

  • 9,400+ people on our Facebook page View Here
  • 11,700+ followers on our Twitter account View Here
  • 3,700+ followers on our Instagram account View Here



In 2019, through a pair of podcasts designed to deliver news and build internal culture, F3 racked up 250,000 plays on our podcast channel, across a pair of podcasts (the 43 Feet and the Roundtable). In 2020, we accelerated even more and launched a third show (COT Podcast) with a larger focus on news delivery and culture building, and in the process racked up 350,000 plays on our channel.

On average, the family of F3 podcasts reaches upwards of 8,000 listeners per week and growing. Listen to the latest from the F3 podcast studio:

Ryan Michler of Order of Man

Leadership Communications

As F3 grows, we make a concerted effort to ensure our regions feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

• Monthly Nant’an Zoom meeting so that leaders at the region level can hear from the Nation, share updates from their regions, and hear from other leaders who might have shared similar experiences.

• The F3 Commz team has launched an official F3 Nation newsletter called “News of the Nation” which goes out biweekly and highlights news, articles, and content that elevates things happening at the region level. Nearly 5,000 men are on distribution and others can subscribe here.

• QSource continues to be a backbone of leadership development inside F3. In the last year, a QSource Shared Leadership Team was formed to help better connect the pax of F3 to the QSource material. The team has expanded social media presence, produced original content and graphics tied to the QSource, and helped share QPoints with consistency and intentionality across F3 Nation.

Going International

F3 KenyaThanks to our social media presence, F3’s reach has expanded beyond the US borders. 

We are in the process of launching in Nairobi, Kenya. We had a gentleman reach out after finding out about us online while researching male community leadership. He was in the process of planting a church and wanted to find ways to invigorate the men of his community. F3 was the perfect fit. They have been meeting, running 5ks, having breakfast and then a masculinity discussion…essentially doing all three Fs routinely. It has been great getting to know these men and they are a great representation of what F3 is all about. Stay tuned for more great news on this launch. 

They aren’t the only ones. Our other international launch is gaining steam now that they are able to gather outdoors (and the weather is turning for the better). F3 Dortmund Germany has a solid following of 8-10 men and continues to grow daily.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram to show them our support

F3 Foundation

F3 Foundation Logo

Despite the unforeseen challenges presented by Covid, F3 Foundation achieved many of its goals in 2020, not the least of which was raising $412,000, well in excess of its $300,000 budget.

Other 2020 goals included the following:

1) Identify and Hire F3F Executive Director
– Identified and interviewed 11 candidates from March-November 2020
– Narrowed down to 2 candidates by the end of the year
1/2 of Goal Achieved*

2) Raise funds to enable Foundation to hire full time director
– Originally had planned to hold Give2Give in April but due to Covid pushed to October
– Successful effort in Give2Give to raise $205k
Goal Achieved

3) Create web-based tool to help with fundraising effort for multiple Regions
– Decided and executed on Give Lively.
– Held 6 fund raisers using tool (not including Give2Give).
Goal Achieved

*John Horton (F3 ‘Scratch and Win’) was hired as Executive Director in Feb 2021.

4) Distribute the 2019 ‘Come To The Table’ Funds
– Distributed all of the funds with exception of the $65k that was earmarked for Equal Housing Mission.
– Recipients included Charlotte Eagles, I Am 24/7, CLT Rescue Mission and Room Above. Total $50k
Goal Achieved

5) Begin issuing small grants within F3 Nation
– Memphis Region $1k
– St Louis Region $2.5k
– Cape Fear Region $1k
– Naperville $1.5k
– Hickory Region $900
Goal Achieved


The following is a brief overview of the F3 financials for 2020.

F3 Nation - Income

Budget – $132,896

Actual – $71,989


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-All income sources were negatively impacted by Covid throughout most of 2020, particularly GrowRuck which was able to hold only 2 of 5 planned events.
-Income figures above do not include Grant Income, funds provided by F3 Foundation to help F3 Nation cover expenses.

F3 Foundation - Income

Budget – $300,000

Actual – $412,202


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-Despite the impact of Covid, F3 Foundation had an excellent fundraising year, significantly outperforming budget.
-See Detailed Financials below for results from specific fundraising events.


F3 Nation

F3 Foundation

F3N - Budget

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F3N - Actual

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F3F - Budget

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F3F - Budget

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Board of Directors