For FNGs, the swirl of inside-baseball lingo and jargon used at your average F3 workout can be a bit confusing. Like, for instance, What’s an FNG and why do people keep calling me that? (FNG stands for Friendly New Guy, or something along those lines… )

The F3 Lexicon is intended to help in that regard, providing a scattershot listing of lingo, sayings, expressions, acronyms, etc., that may come in handy when reading a BackBlast (A writeup of what happened on a workout) or attempting to decipher an email from a QIC (The leader of a given workout).

We also have a similar glossary for Exercises called the Exicon.

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An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.


The emotional reaction to the peaks and valleys that appear throughout a man’s life.

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