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F3 | June 27, 2017

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Contact and Help

F3 organizes on a regional basis, with men from specific areas self-organizing as volunteers.


Contact F3

Help and Site FAQs

How do I find a workout?

At the top of each page, there’s a menu titled “Where is F3?” that lists a full page of available regional schedules.

What do I need for my first workout?

Read our disclaimer, then simply pick a place to post. All you need to bring is an open mind and a positive attitude. Wear your regular outdoor workout clothes and unless you have farmer hands consider bringing a pair of gloves. If you are not meeting a friend at your first post, simply show up and introduce yourself as an FNG. You’ll be welcomed.

How do I start F3 in my area?

Don’t see a workout in your area? Review the “Where is F3? page for updates on what locations are coming soon.

How is the site organized?

The home page is a collection of our nationally-focused blogs, such as our food, gear, 3rd F, music and all-F3-nation events content. To view a specific region’s news or schedules, choose it from the drop-down menus available in the navigation.

How do I register?

Once you’ve completed your first (or sometimes 2nd) workout, you’ll get an F3 name. After you have this plus your email and real name, an site registration can be done by of our IT admins. These are done by region (like “Charlotte South,” e.g.), so know this as well when you hit the contact page and select your local region for access.

How do I edit my avatar (picture) with my profile?

Two ways — 1) Sign up at with the same email you use here (and see how your image shows up on other sites, too), or; 2) Upload your own image. First, select your name in the upper right once you’ve signed in and follow the links to “add your own image.”

Can I write a post on

If you lead a workout and you’ve worked it out with a region Q, absolutely. You’ll also need to register to do this, and you’ll get an email with a how-to link as well as editorial guidelines.

Separately, if you want to write a column for the home page, these go to the editorial board for review by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required. Please see this post on editorial guidelines and how to participate.

Can I get an email every time a new post is published?

Yes. But it’s not really here on the site.

There are services called IFTTT and Zapier, among others, who take some piece of internet functionality and do something else once triggered (IFTTT means “If this, then that”).

One such scenario is “if there’s a Raleigh post here at, *then* send you an email”… that’s something that the internets make possible.

What you need to do this is something called a feed. Every location and workout one. It’s easy to grab.

If your URL is, then just add “feed/” (w/o the quotes. Like this:

Use this need feed as your link/trigger in those services, then ask it to send you an email.