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F3 is Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

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F3 is Fitness, Fellowship and Faith


About F3

F3 is Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Each leads to the next. Our workouts are free of charge and open to all men. They are held outdoors — rain or shine, heat or cold. Men who participate also lead the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. Workouts end with a Circle of Trust.

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Favorite Excuses

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m out of shape.” “It’s too early.” And yes, we’ve been asked: “Is this a cult?”

“No one said I should believe this or that. The undertone was only of higher purpose as husbands and fathers and community members, not of preaching any specific doctrine(s).”

The Top Five Excuses

Getting Started

So maybe you need more info. We get it, type A leaders often do. Read on, then get out there.

· 10 Steps for New Guys
· Favorite excuses
· Our Lexicon
· Read FAQ
· FiA is for ladies

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LEAP Expansion

F3 expands concentrically from existing locations as well as “leaping” to new destinations. Sign up or see more about new locations.

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If you’re looking for Backblasts, Pre-blasts, or Posts from your location, visit our “Where is F3?” page to find your region/AO. Once you select the option, take note — you may want to update your bookmark for your area.

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The strength of F3 is in the regions/locations. See areas, schedules, and news in the “Where is F3?” site section.

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Freed to Lead

Two men started F3 with a gathering of 34 men at a Charlotte middle school on New Year’s Day 2011. They have written the story of how a workout turned into a movement.

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Giving Back

The mission of F3F is to leverage the men of F3 Nation to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities.