Your Updated F3 Nation Leadership Lineup

As is to be expected when you’re building a road 43 feet ahead of you, we frequently like to play 52-Card Pickup and redefine roles within F3 Nation. We’ve spent the better part of the summer assessing our current needs and inviting some new pax to join us around the Leadership Tentpole at the heart of the F3 Nation effort.

Now we’d like to introduce that new lineup to you. In addition to the pax we will be discussing here, we’re also filling some additional, function-specific roles within F3 Nation that we will be announcing later this month.

The “Core Four” who have been serving in executive roles within F3 Nation since 2013 remain the same:

Nantan — Dredd: Numistic spirit guidance and deep F3 thoughts;

Weaselshaker — OBT: Making the F3 trains run on time, shaking the pax who try to weasel out of what they say they’re going to do;

Q/Plant — CR: Leader of our effort to plant F3 workouts in locations that cannot be reached by current pax, maestro of Give2Give fundraising effort (also, quickly working himself out of a job as the Nation’s growth pace quickens);

Q/Comz — AP: Vision and strategy for all of F3’s efforts to reach current and prospective pax.

Continuing in his current role is …

Q/Serve — CSPAN: Creator and moderator of the weekly regional Nantan call, CSPAN serves existing regions with best practices, lively discussion and as their point of contact for any resources that F3 Nation can bring to bear on regional issues. He continues to report to the Weaselshaker.

Moving into a new role is …

Q/Give It Away — Mini Me: We’re asking the smiling guy from Lake Norman to connect with leadership at all levels of F3 to spread the spirit of our movement, in particular the infectious “Give It Away” attitude that epitomizes F3. He will be an ambassador-at-large, participate in Leaps, continue to appear at the circuit of workouts where his job regularly takes him and brainstorm and execute ways to effectively teach and spread the Give It Away spirit. He will report to the Q/Comz.

New to the F3 Nation leadership team are …

Q/Grow — Dark Helmet: For the last year, DH has been leading our Mustard Seed effort to support F3 pax who move to new locations that are not Leap targets and want to launch F3 there. In that role, he has come up with a process for planting Mustard Seeds, supporting them through weekly conference calls and then tracking their growth toward “official” F3 status and listing on this website. We’ve asked him to bring those weaselshaking talents to bear on “Nomads” — F3 locations that are past the plant stage but have not yet reached regional status and full self-governance. He will report to the Weaselshaker.

Q/Mustard Seed — Fountainhead: The former Columbia Nantan will take over from DH as leader of our efforts to support and grow our Mustard Seeds; he will report to the Q/Plant.

Q/Reverse-Flow Incubator — Slaughter: The Metro mainstay who originated a model for rehab center and shelter workouts that has been replicated successfully across the Nation has been asked to help others do the same. He will report to the Weaselshaker.

Here’s Slaughter’s description of his new role: “The leaders of F3 Nation do not sit around and come up with ideas and projects for the pax to implement. It happens in reverse. Great ideas start with two or more pax in an F3 region or AO who have a passion about something. These projects then flow the opposite way back up to the top. The Q/RFI is tasked with helping to identify ideas and projects that will possibly have an effect on or potential application across F3 Nation.  He then fosters these initiatives with support from the Nation and helps to get a written manual recorded so that other regions can replicate and build on these ideas. This is done while protecting the F3 brand and consideration of any financial interests the initiative might generate.”

Please join us in congratulating these men on their roles, and help us keep them busy with great ideas and initiatives that spark the continued growth of male community leadership within F3!


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Several of the upcoming opportunities are in Nation Comz, as noted these will be posted separately next week. Aye.

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