Aye – 7 of the Faithful posted for the inaugural event that is – F3/Wind

The Location:  Waves, NC (Cape Hatteras) – REAL Watersports

The Wind:  steady 20ish knots on Fri and Sat;  13-17 knots on Sunday – #perfect

The Thang:

3 days of bada$$ing.  The freshmen (Flea, Steamer, WUC, Blue) started with some trainer kite flying to get a feel for the power of a large kite on Friday morning and then hit the Pamlico Sound for the next 2 1/2 days to learn to how to harness the wind and take it for a ride.  The sophomores (RW, DW, Spaghetti) went straight to work in the Sound.  Fine tuning fundamentals and getting some serious edge.  It wasn’t long before Pax were riding upwind.  By the end of the weekend, all of the pax were executing some good long rides.  #shredding

Flea and YHC were getting some air on Sunday with Flea executing a couple of perfect landings.  It is a shame that we didn’t capture it on film.

The Moleskin:

1)  #Wheels – TClaps to Flea for driving a 4 pack in his truck – although it is weird to call that thing a truck.  It purrs like a kitten, rides like a Cadillac, and has more gadgets, knobs, and bluetooth capabilities than the space shuttle.  2nd F in style for the ride to OBX with a BBQ pitstop in the middle of nowhere.  Aye.

2)  #Speilberg – TClaps to Flea for bringing his multimedia arsenal and skills to bear for the weekend.  The man is an expert at all things techno – but I guess that is old news.  #impressed  BTW – if Flea is ever faced with a techno challenge – do not, I repeat, do not get in his way, try to talk to him, try to talk to anyone else within his earshot, or do anything that might interfere with him decyphering the situation.  #focus

3)  #Freefood – TClaps to all of the pax that sponsored my fine dining on Friday and Saturday night.  YHC was feeling lucky on credit card roulette.  #winning

4) #Fishin – It was fun watchin’ WUC set the hook on a crew of bachelorette party tomatoes while the married pax polished off some seafood.  Only problem was when he reeled ’em in, they were a pack of 50 footers.  #nearsighted

5)  #pain – You can take the man out of Metro but you can’t take Metro out of the man.  While most of the pax were content with burning kcals in the saltwater chop, Blue needed a fix on Friday am and DW was his huckleberry.  So they posted for pre-game work – not sure what they did – I was staring at the back of my eyelids.

6) #Repeato – Unlike the GRC, for which 2 out of 80 elect to go for a do over, all 7 pax are HC for the next edition of F3/Wind.  Sometime around Aug/Sept we’ll converge on a date that works.  Sound off below if you are interested in joining.  This trip requires no EH whatsoever.  It’s a no brainer.



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Beyond expectations! R-dub thanks again for organizing.

Talk Box

Flea- That’s another great video brother. Looks like the no brainer it’s been heralded as.

It’s on my list, just have to get it in the bucket now….

Senor Chips

Definitely interested!


This is on my bucket list. I’m interested if the dates work.


I’m IN, if I can make the schedule work. Looks awesome. Would also love to put a F3:Waves together for us poor, land locked surfers in the bunch.


I’m in cant do Labor Day weekend

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