The Solution To The Q’s Ultimate Life Problem

Purpose is the Outcome sought by the performance of a Task

It is the reason to do what is done. Effective Organizations have an Articulated Purpose that protects and directs their expenditure of resources. The Q has an Ultimate Purpose that acts as the lodestar of his life as a Leader. It is the Solution to his ULP.

Just as each person’s ULP is unique, so is the Ultimate Purpose they must devise if they wants to remedy it

Each of us has the choice to live our lives frustrated by our ULP or to live with Purpose, seeking the Outcome that will solve it. People who live to their Ultimate Purpose leave a Legacy. Those who don’t live their lives in reaction to their circumstances, prioritizing Happiness over Joy and focusing on themselves rather than their Creator and Community. Upon death, they are quickly forgotten–or worse, they leave behind a trail of bitter disappointment.

The Ultimate Purpose has two components, the knowing and the doing

One must know their Ultimate Purpose before they can act upon it. Likewise, knowing it but failing to act avails nothing but regret.

The knowing component of the Ultimate Purpose is not difficult. To discover it, one need only flip their ULP on its head:

– My ULP is dormant male Community Leadership. Hence my Ultimate Purpose is to reinvigorate Male Community Leadership

– If a person’s ULP is global warming, their Ultimate Purpose might be to save the Earth from man

– If someone’s ULP is adult onset diabetes, their Ultimate Purpose might be to save people from unhealthy lifestyles

Because it is easy, most people will come to know their Ultimate Purpose, they just won’t do anything about it because it is the doing that is the hard part

The doing requires one to act with the Courage of their convictions and initiate Movement. To Move, one must be willing to abandon the Status Quo and depart from the safety of the known into the unknown. It requires one to take risk and court Failure by undertaking the dirty, dangerous and difficult.

Absent the Influence of a HIM who has IMPACT in his life, most men are unlikely to do that. Even though the first step of a man’s Movement need only be very small it is that one tiny thing that distinguishes the world of Sad Clowns from the small group of people who leave a Legacy. One short step is all it takes, but very few take it.

The good news is that once a person has Moved, no matter how infinitesimally, they will almost immediately find themselves gaining Momentum. Then the steps get bigger and easier to take. An inert man is hard to start, but a person with Momentum is hard to stop.

To initiate Movement and gain Momentum the Q lives with Missionality

This means working within one’s D2X to accomplish their Ultimate Purpose. The D2X is the Task formed by the intersection of a person’s Dolphin and Daffodil. The Dolphin is what a person was born to do best, and the Daffodil is the people-group they were born to serve. The D2X is the sweet spot where a Q will have the most IMPACT if he lives in difficult and dangerous disregard of the risk of Failure. It is from there that his Legacy will grow.

While Effective Organizations, Dynamic Teams and High IMPACT Men are all defined by their Missionality, there is a difference in the way Mission is formed between a person and a Group:

– The Mission of an Organization or Team is the combination of what it does (its Task) and the reason it does it (its Articulated Purpose).
For Groups, Task + Articulated Purpose = Mission.

– The Mission of a person is the combination of what he does (his D2X) and the reason he does it (his Ultimate Purpose).
For people, D2X + Ultimate Purpose = Mission.

For Legacy to grow, a man’s Mission must align with the Mission of the Groups in which he is a Member

For example, my Mission is to teach and lead Accelerating Men in order to reinvigorate Male Community Leadership. F3, an Organization of which I am a Member, has as its Mission to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout Groups in order to reinvigorate Male Community Leadership. My Mission not only aligns with the Mission of F3, but advances it. My Ultimate Purpose is the same as F3’s Articulated Purpose. My D2X is a necessary component of F3’s Task. Thus, when I am working within my D2X toward my Ultimate Purpose, I am also in service to the Articulated Purpose of F3.

If it were otherwise, in that my Mission was inconsistent or inimical to F3’s Mission, I would be working at cross-purposes with my Group and Legacy would be impossible.

To leave a Legacy, the Q lives and works with Purpose.

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