F3 Truebadours are a group of culture builders from across the Nation willing to provide guidance and support for your region. These HIM (High Impact Men) Share the Truth of F3 Across the Nation. In typical F3 fashion, we branded them as that – Truebadours (we have our own way of saying and spelling things).

Truebadours not only carry a voice of F3 Nation in their local region or AO, but they also:

  • Answer questions F3 men (or F3 prospects) have around the Three Fs (Fitness, Fellowship and Faith)
  • Ensure regions and AOs are hitting on all of F3s Five Core Principals
  • Provide F3 men and regions with growth strategies or anything else aimed to empower the PAX to have the maximum impact in their homes, workplaces, and communities
  • Simply, Truebadours are here to serve the F3 Nation

If you would like to have a Truebadour visit your region to lead a workout, celebrate your successes/milestones, discuss growth opportunities, or provide guidance for your next 43 feet, fill out the form below or reach out to [email protected] and let him know when, where, and why you would like to have a Truebadour take a trip to an AO near you.

The Truebadours can also arrange a virtual visit or can just be there to answer any questions you may have about taking your region to the next level. Give us a follow on Twitter @F3_TRUEbadours or join our Slack channel #truebadour-requests.


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Q of the F3 Truebadour Program

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