The World Premiere of the F3 Video!

The World Premiere of the F3 Video!

The video is now live on the top navigation as “This is F3”. Post your comments and tclaps below!

The original invite follows:

Aye, you won’t want to miss HDHH this Wednesday, when Moby, Flea, Little John, Gnarly Goat and the rest of the F3 Video crew premiere their soon-to-be Academy Award-nominated documentary short film about F3.

You’ve seen the cameras, you’ve answered the questions about “Why F3?,” you’ve wondered why there was a drone hovering over your workout.  Now come see the finished product, before it goes live on the website — and drink a toast to the filmmakers.

If you’re in, please post in the Comments below, so we know how many platters of wings to order.

HDHH launches at Ed’s Tavern on Park Road in Dilworth at 1800 hours.  We’ll debut the video at 1830.


22 thoughts on “The World Premiere of the F3 Video!”

  1. Beautiful – tclaps brothers for the great work in the video and to all of you that work to make F3 – Fitness Fellowship Faith happen.

  2. Awesome video, great job by those who put it together! Showed it to a possible FNG while EHing and now I think he’s coming out this Sat. for his first post to the launch of our new workout The Rock!


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