The mission of F3 through Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

It starts with fitness. That’s kind of the thing that brings all of us in. But it’s really a leadership group. It’s about voluntarily forcing yourself to do some hard things. Ultimately, that empowers you in all the other areas of your life.

I believe individuals are made up of who they hang around with. If you’re hanging around with guys that are strong, smart individuals, that’s who you’re going to become. I think F3 is one of those organizations where it really helps men become a better version of who they were meant to be.

You can be confident that guys are here are guys who are wanting to accelerate in their lives, they’re guys who recognize the foundation that fitness plays, they recognize that accelerate in one area of their life produces acceleration in so many different other areas of life.

It’s a rotated fashion of leading the workouts, if you can start by leading some guides and some exercises, and coming up with a plan in your mind, it just prepares you for leading at home.

it just gives a lot of presence in being a leader just not focused on just making the exercise and just stay with that. It also leverages all the way up to make a true leader and show that to the world.

F3 is free. You don’t have to pay to come here, there’s no gym membership, there’s no expectation to give any money or donation, you just show up to a particular workout, and you’ll be welcomed just like any other individual.

There’s over 3000 workout locations in the United States. And these are men who understand the culture.

I’ve traveled to Florida, Colorado, to Columbus, Ohio, all these different spots, these are F3 regions, and you show up and it’s guys doing the same thing with the same culture, just an incredible sense of community within the F3 Fellowship.

The friendship is also another thing that I use, not everybody’s just really nice to me, they made me feel welcome.

There’s very few ways to really bond with people, I think, then go into something really difficult together, it’s going to be hard. But we don’t ever leave someone behind. You know, we’re always going to finish together.

We all have things we generally keep to ourselves as guys, but just to be able to share what’s going on in our families and challenges we might be having the comfort aspect of knowing that, you know, we don’t all have it together, we have struggles, we have challenges, but trying at the end of it for encouragement and support, acknowledging our Creator, it’s just a wonderful way to start the day.

What keeps me coming back to F3 is the fellowship, it’s the fitness it’s seeing the change, and not just my body and my strength and my endurance, but really who I am, I’ve been able to hone my own particular skill sets and be someone I’ve always wished I could be.

One thing I love about F3 is the challenges that we do. There’s times where I thought I could never do something. But you know, we come together and do a lot more as a group. They’re holding me accountable. I want to hold them accountable as well.

What keeps you coming back is really certainly the fitness aspect, probably at 64 years old, I’m in as good of shape, if not better than at any point in my life. That’s great. But it’s also the relationships and just being part of a group of guys doing hard things together.

That authenticity and the sincerity that we know that we’re all here of our own volition. We’re all here to push ourselves and push the guy next to us. We all just kind of get better together as a team.

There’s guys who know the life that I want to live. And when they see that I’m not living that they call me out on it. And I want to be a part of an organization of men who know that they’ve got permission and authority to speak into my life to make me better so that collectively we can become the men that we are designed to be.

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