The First St Louis Backblast!

Q:  Chong Li

Redwood Original Pax:   Heisenberg (FNG), Bill Nye (FNG), Traveler (FNG), Heavyweight (FNG-Respect), Star (FNG), Spuds (FNG), Suds, Mr. Peabody, Power Plant, Wang, Cubbie, El Diablo Blanco, Chong Li (QIC)

Tha Thing:

It was a brisk morning in October when F3 St. Louis was born. 13 pax with 6 FNGs answered the call to help bring one more city closer to doing more to alleviate the cultural decline into apathy and malaise, or maybe just to run around and have ‘fun’.


YHC had arrived early to scout the AO. Shaw Park has got to be one of the best looking AO’s in F3-land with waterfalls, hills galore and fields aplenty parked conveniently in the city.

After a brief period of concern that YHC would be posting solo, adjustments were made to the correct parking area and the other pax were discovered.

Custom shovel flag was presented (Aye, Raider) and the work was begun.

Warmup COP (Circle of Pain): Side Straddle Hop x20, Imperial Walker x20, Windmill x20, Squat x15, ‘Mercan x15, Mountain Climber x20, Carolina Dry Dock x15
Mosey over to the hill by the soccer field for a set of 11’s with ‘Mercans at the top and Squats at the bottom. Plank-a-rama when finished till 6 is in.
Mosey over to picnic shed at the base of the water fall. Partner up. Partner one does a loop up and around the waterfall and partner two cycles through sets of 10 decline ‘mercans, 20 step ups, and 30 LBCs until partner one is back, then flapjack – 3 loops each.
Mosey back up to soccer field. Descending burpee ladder 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-10 (SURPRISE)
Mosey back to shovel flag for quick Mary: WW2 Situps x20, American Hammers x20, Have A Nice Day

– T-Claps to all of the pax today, you are part of something from day one that will have a powerful impact on your city
– Prayers for Traveler’s mother
– T-Claps to EDB for stepping in to organize this launch and making it a success
– Impressive range of ages and geographies out here today, pax from 20’s to 60’s and from all over the country. Guys driving in from 45+ minutes away to find out what this is all about.
– T-Claps to Raider for the shovel flag and Crotch Rocket for getting it to St Louis. It’s yours now boys, carry it proudly.
– Great city, great group and big things in store.

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