The F3 Circle of Trust for April 25, S.2 Ep. 16

Your fearless hosts, Hello Kitty and Repeato, are back for another riveting hour of the F3 Circle of Trust. Dagger joins the boys to talk about an epic adventure in Maine with F3 HIMs sharing common bonds and struggles replete with a phenomenal video montage. We’re inspired by our very own Shut In, review pax in News of the Nation experiencing their first CSUAP, others raising funds for non-profit community impact, site Q leaders, and turn our hearts and minds to some much needed TAPs. Dr. Bones provides key insights on building muscle mass and Repeato takes us out with a Pat Tillman QWR provided by the Nation’s general, Red Baron. Today’s show sponsors are (code COT) (code COT), and (code BRIANJ).


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