The F3 Circle of Trust for April 18, S.2 Ep. 15

The boys are back with another hour of incredible updates on F3 Nation expansion in Kentucky, High Impact Men in St. Louis raising funds for The Covering House, an inspirational fasting update out of Charleston, SC, and Repeato is trying to make HIM Camp work ( We’re also talking with ScarU on the 5 year anniversary of the Princeton region and their service project and general expansion in the Nation’s Garden State. Someone tell Hoot Bowman in F3 Foothills to give us a call at 844/4-COTPAX as a follow up to their upcoming event where Foothills is starfishing into four new regions with a 0400 event start time. Hello Kitty and Repeato close out the show talking patience and perseverance via John Quincy Adams for this episode’s quote worth Repeato. Today’s show sponsors are (code COT) (code COT), and (code BRIANJ).


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