Stuff Worth Trying: ep. 96: The 4th F is Family

IJ & TB ideate on how the #Gloom could/should not be kept in the hearts of men. Rather, how can we give it away to those that we list in our Concentrica? Grab a pen and paper, take note, and take action.

Today Show news story:

If you can’t Q it, don’t do it.
1st F – if you want your kids to be active, then be active with them
2nd F – show them that fellowship with friends is important
3rd F – instill faith values in the next generation
Lead in your community
Teaching your kids is like leading a workout
Get outside
You have to plan it
Honor your commitments
You have to put in the work
You have to be assertive
You have to address obstacles
Take a 10-count
You must have time management
Leave it better than you found it
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
Take care of the six
Embrace the CoT


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