Introducing F3 Honor Boxes

I was reminded this past weekend at GrowRuck 05  in Chattanooga, Tenn., of just how important a role stories play in F3. When Dredd and I teach GrowSchool, our curriculum is built around our stories — and those of others. So many of the F3 men we meet when we go downrange have Was-Now stories of their own. And then, of course, we all go out  and do a GORUCK Challenge together — a concentrated, 12 to 14-hour Story-Making Machine.

So when Caleb “Grey Poupon” Musser introduced himself to me at the HiveStorm event I helped produce last month and told me that he makes “Story Boxes” for a living, I was intrigued. Today — just in time for holiday shopping — Malko and I are proud to add Caleb’s Honor Boxes to the F3 Gear Store by MudGear.

An F3 Honor Box is equally at home on an office desk, bedside table or workshop bench. It’s a container for cuff links and collar stays; patches and military unit coins; pens, stamps and USB memory sticks — or any of the other stuff we tend to accumulate in life.

We’ve designed the boxes to give you a chance to tell your own or someone else’s F3 Story. All boxes include the F3 logo and are engraved with the recipient’s F3 name and an image that can be an iconic F3 photo, quotation or regional logo or even a custom quotation of your own.

Boxes come empty or with pre-designed gift sets. The John Hancock can include a handwritten, wax-sealed letter and is a perfect thank-you gift to the man who EHed you to your first F3 workout.

The Buckshot Box can come with a wooden F3 journal and pen — perfect for brainstorming the next beatdown you plan to Q or tracking your 2018 progress toward F3/250.

And the Artillery Box comes with an F3 fountain pen and wooden business card holder — ideal for the Headlocking Executive.

Malko and I are excited to partner with Grey Poupon on this offering. Just as Malko built MudGear out of the F3 Reverse-Flow Incubator and I am doing the same with The Iron Project, Grey Poupon was working in NASCAR marketing when he saw an opportunity to build a unique creative relationship management and manufacturing business out of an unmarked storefront on South Mint Street. His clients now include professional sports teams, a major airline and multinational corporations.

If you want to do something even more customized or elaborate — perhaps a gift for an outgoing Nant’an or a pax member who is going through a particular challenge — or if you want Grey Poupon to try his hand at a unique offering for your business or organization, please contact him  at — and tell him OBT and Malko sent you!

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