Spreading the GrowRuck Roots

From the first GrowRuck in Jacksonville, Florida in November, 2016, roots have been the symbol of F3 GrowRucks. From the beginning that symbol matched the mission of GrowRuck as we hosted these CSAUP events in new and growing regions.

We hoped that GrowRuck would do two things. 1) We hoped that GrowRuck would fertilize the “roots” in each individual region by helping the leaders and future leaders grow as individuals. That downward growth of roots is what helps create a stable foundation for the explosive growth that follows soon after. 2) We hoped that GrowRuck would spread up and out allowing regions to connect with each other and in doing so create an environment that allowed for future regions to be “planted” especially where two regions were in close proximity. It’s like in a forest, having an entire bed of interconnected roots that in a sense, makes the entire forest stronger and more connected.

Our hope is that this logo will represent the vision that F3 GrowRuck can create a solid foundation and solid connections among neighboring regions that will allow the amazing growth to continue to build F3 across the nation.  #ROOTS

GrowRuck Logo 3.0 Symbol

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