Social Media Pax

Calling on a Pax who has a passion for helping F3 Nation grow our social media presence. We’re looking for a HIM to join our Comms Team and help:

  • Assist F3 Nation with daily social media posts, including:
    • Monitor Twitter for reply and RT opportunities
    • Proactively produce F3 content including consistent posts about 5-core principles, our mission and credo to be shared as graphics or animated videos across social accounts
    • Track Facebook engagement and inbox for opportunities to reply to Pax
    • Take charge of and run with the F3 Instagram account
  • Build and organize the F3 Nation photo archive
  • Collect newsworthy F3 Nation items from social media to share on various F3 podcasts and newsletters (working with the F3 Comms Team). Includes:
    • Weekly Tclaps, TAPS and examples of Him Doing Him Stuff (HDHS)
  • Have fun, help the team, ensure pax in F3 Nation are staying connected to something bigger than themselves

Sounds like you? Send an email over to Hello Kitty at [email protected] and let’s see if it’s a fit.

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