Sharing Leadership, Walking the Talk

To the pax:

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about the Starfish and Shared Leadership as bedrock principles of F3. I’ve now arrived at a place where I need to walk that talk.

I’m pleased to announce that John “Slaughter” Lambert will be taking over as F3 Nation Weasel Shaker, effective immediately.

You may know Slaughter as the author of some of the greatest F3 backblasts ever written.

You may know him as one of the first men who saw the need to give F3 to men struggling with addiction and homelessness and who helped build a template for 3rd F impact and outreach that has been replicated in cities across the Nation.

If you were with us on NOGOA, you probably know him as Janetta’s husband.

I know Slaughter as a father, businessman, community leader and F3 brother — a man of intelligence, humility, depth and commitment who lives F3 on a daily basis. He won’t “do” this role in the same way I did, but that’s a good thing, because the role (like F3 itself) is about men leading, not about one man leading.

Going forward, he will field all your questions about F3 Nation operations — what the Nation does and doesn’t do and how it does and doesn’t do those things. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @slaughterF3.

When we started F3 seven years ago, we had no way of anticipating how it would grow and what it would become. It’s been incredibly gratifying to have had a part in that growth, but I truly believe that it is time for someone else to lead. I know Slaughter will do so with passion, purpose and wisdom and that he will be buoyed by the amazing support of the pax.

The Balsa Gliders will have to come out and play me off the stage if I start thanking every man who has locked shields with us over the years. I hope all of you know who you are — even the ones whom I’ve p—ed off. I love you all.

I do want to acknowledge the specific brotherhood and support offered over the years by Dredd, CR and AP. I loved being part of our team.

I am profoundly grateful to Jeff Guillebeau, the Campos founder who in the fall of 2008 asked me (to his eternal regret) if I wanted to lead the following Saturday’s workout.

And I want to thank the 32 men who answered Dredd’s and my call and posted at AG on the morning of 1/1/11 to experience something that motivated us all to build a movement. Together that day, we planted a tree that will with luck outlive us all and whose branches provide shade to all men who wish to gather for shelter on life’s journey.



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“I do want to acknowledge the specific brotherhood and support offered over the years by Dredd, CR and AP. I loved being part of our team.” <-- Aye brother. You and Dredd have changed my life, both in your own ways, for the best. I truly am a better husband, father and brother for the many things I've been fortunate to learn under your leadership. And I am eternally grateful. I look forward to being back in Charlotte this fall -- for real this time! -- and hitting a workout with you and maybe even the Prometheus boys. #Cotswold #NiceGuys


Thankful for you OBT. Thankful for your willingness to start something that has impacted 1000’s of men, and thereby, 1000’s of wives, children, co-workers, neighbors, etc. F3 changed my life in countless ways, and continues to do so. Grateful for you brother. God’s continued grace to you.

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