F3 Lend-a-Ruck (Pre-Approval Required)




This product is organized through the F3 GrowRuck program and requires coordination through a Local Event Q in order to participate. F3Nation has a limited number of Ruckers available for loan for pax who are signed up for an upcoming GrowRuck event.

This product allows GrowRuck to recuperate some of the cost associated with shipping the rucks and outfitting them with basic accessories (hip belts & sternum straps).

By purchasing this product, the F3 pax agrees to train for an upcoming GrowRuck using the ruck, maintain the ruck while training with it, clean it appropriately (search cleaning a ruck for the official video) and make sure it is shipped back to GrowRuck through the Event Q within a week of the event.

Please coordinate specifics with your Local Rucking Q before purchasing this product.


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