What is F3’s Official Statement?

As major cities and even some small townships across our country continue to burn both literally and figuratively in the wake of recent events, I have been asked by a good number of men, “When is F3 going to make a statement?”
This letter may not be what they had in mind, and it isn’t meant to disparage any askers. It is what I think needs to be said at this time, though.

The Official Statement of F3 Nation is this: We have made our statement.

We will simply continue to make the same statement that we have been making for nearly 10 years now. We have 5 Core Principles. If you aren’t familiar with them, I invite you to become so. The 2nd of those Core Principles is that F3 workouts are Open To ALL Men. We neither equivocate nor apologize for this. I don’t know that we could make it much clearer. It means exactly what it says it means.

Goo would have us make hollow statements to show our “support”. We are not Virtue Signalers. We are DOERS. Those statements, while possibly well intentioned, I fear are often times made for the makers of the statements to feel like their obligations have been met.

I, nor F3, need to make a statement because the statement ought to be lived out so loudly in the lives of our men that there is no room for question about it. Not only that, but I also fear that by making a statement from The Nation, it gives men the opportunity to abdicate their responsibility to do something on their own. I wrote something yesterday in the Nation’s mumblechatter Slack channel that, if you will permit me, I will quote from here (with minor edits):

“A statement is not needed, our leadership is what’s needed… we’ve got to figure out, in each of our spheres of influence, how we will step into the void that exists where leadership should be. I’m not saying we should run for office, though that may be one way to do it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray, as certainly there is power there. I’m saying we must become something different. We must learn from these things that we are facing and strive to be better. We must embody grace and mercy and love, as that is what virtuous leadership should be built on.”

From where I sit, I believe we have been given maybe the greatest opportunity of our lives. We have a global pandemic, racial injustice, evil people with self-serving agendas, and more which are leaving us a leadership FAMINE like I personally have never seen. This means the opportunity is ours, IF we will stop trying so darn hard to be RIGHT, and then try and show how others are WRONG. Let me help… no matter who you’re talking to, you’re both a little right and you’re both a little wrong. No one has cornered the market on goodness, correctness, nor perfection, at least so far as I am aware.

Now get missional, quit worrying about your little baby feelings and your ego, AND GET TO LEADING! We have been preparing for the times like these, men! This is our day. A few weeks ago when we all ordered “The Gloom Belongs To Us” shirts… that wasn’t just the morning Gloom we were talking about. Look around, the leadership situation in our world is GLOOMY. This is what we’ve been knowingly or unknowingly getting ready for. If you believe in what F3 stands for, then let’s get invigorated and get to work.”

So, no need to look here for statements, only a need for you to remember that you are Freed To Lead.

End of transmission.

– Dark Helmet

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