Meet Tool Time – XQ of TRUEbadours

Italian Job: Tool Time, tell us a little about yourself.

Tool Time: I’m married to a saint for 24 years (been with her since 1989). Together we have two daughters ages 26 and 24. I’m currently working as a Planner in a manufacturing facility in Mooresville, NC. My home region is F3 Race City and I’m currently serving as the XQ of TRUEbadours.


IJ: Are you more of a runner, rucker, or boot camper?

TT: I am definitely team no-ruck. Definitely. Boot camp when necessary, but I’m a runner. Over the years, I’ve realized running is my go-to. I try to do 50 miles per week. At one point, I was over 100 per week. I’ve run a half marathon distance every weekend since April. My marathons to-date are Charleston, Kiawah Island, and New Orleans. I plan to do more in the future.


IJ: How long have you been a part of F3?

TT: I started F3 in 2016 in F3 Isotope, however Gastonia is where most of my F3 days were spent.


IJ: What is your favorite F3 memory?

TT: At the 2018 F3 Gastonia Christmas party, the PAX were presenting YHC a gift and speaking about my year as Nant’an and what I had meant to them. That in itself was humbling and wonderful, but when I looked at my M and saw my oldest daughter with her head on my M’s shoulder and speaking to her, I asked my M what my daughter had said. “She said now I really understand what and why dad has been doing all of this.“


IJ: Enough about you (kidding), tell us about the TRUEbadour program.

TT: The TRUEbadours are F3 PAX who foster the culture of F3 to help ensure that as we grow, F3’s culture isn’t watered down. They are here to help regions work through issues they may have, celebrate regional milestones, and mostly, they are here to serve the PAX of F3 Nation.


IJ: What can the TRUEbadours offer a region and their leadership teams?

TT: We offer support via Zoom and in-person visits. When we receive a request, one of our TRUEbadours contacts the requester to determine the needs of the region. We offer a fresh set of eyes to offer advice, listen, bring suggestions, but mostly to serve. We aren’t here to criticize, but to help. This offer is for all three Fs and for both established regions and new regions. But also, we are there to celebrate landmark occasions as representatives from The Nation.


IJ: What does a typical TRUEbadour visit look like?

TT: Our men typically meet with the SLT Friday evening then go to the beatdown on Saturday morning (can lead as necessary). Afterwards, we like to gather with the PAX to answer questions or lead Q Schools. But our visits don’t stop there, we view these as ongoing relationships where we can serve whenever needed.


IJ: How many guys are in the program?

TT: We currently have 27 guys across 11 states and are always looking for more HIM to join the team. We have a need NOW for more men to help us be prepared for the Nation’s expansion goals. We’d like to see a few guys help us support the Northeast, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Central US. For those interested in possibly serving as a TRUEbadour, contact [email protected].


IJ: What makes a good TRUEbadour?

TT: Humility and a servant’s heart with the ability to speak with candor. He must understand the culture and realize F3 is more than a workout group.


IJ: If men want to request a visit from a TRUEbadour, where should they go?

TT: For TRUEbadour information requests, visit


IJ: Any parting words of wisdom for the men of the Nation?

TT: Know that if you are a part of F3, you are a part of a life-changing organization; part of a brotherhood that is changing the world one man at a time!

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Easily the most passionate leader on the Nation SLT! Thank you, TT


Nice interview! Tool Time is an awesome HIM! It’s GREAT to have HIM in F3RCUSA™!!

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