Regional Info and Websites (beta)

NOTE: This page is being deprecated. All links will be within the map in our workout locations page.

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Now that you’ve posted/attended an F3 workout, you’ll want to keep up with the guys plus the latest F3 news and information in your area. Your local region should have a local hub where backblasts, event info, and other mumblechatter occurs. Once the table of areas/sites loads below, filter or search for your state, city or site.

Information missing or outdated? Contact us.

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Regional Websites

wdt_ID ST City Local site
1 AL Birmingham
2 AL Mobile
3 AZ Phoenix
4 CA San Francisco Peninsula
5 CO Denver
6 DE Milton
7 FL Bradenton
8 FL Lakewood Ranch
9 FL Osprey
10 FL Sarasota
ST City Local site