January Cape Fear Preblast

Title: Ending of an era and the turning of a page 

Welp… our plans to celebrate 10-years of F3 Nation together in Wilmington have been put on hold until October. In the meantime (and perhaps taking advantage of any pax who still plan to embark to Wilmington in January) we have a Nant’an change of command at hand.

With that, we’re going to Omaha this thing during the original 10-year anniversary weekend (January 16th)  to include a beatdown with our Cape Fear brothers, some solid 2nd F, and a service project. Grab a clown car and head on over to Cape Fear for the fun.

Here’s the agenda for Saturday, January 16th: 


F3 Cape Fear Baywatch (Wrightsville Beach Park on the basketball courts)

*Check with Cape Fear pax for any EC options


Catch up with each other and movement to Eden Village


Coffeeteria and F3 Nant’an Change of Command at Eden Village (1302 Kornegay Ave Wilmington, NC)


“Operation Impact” service project at Eden Village

 The Nation’s news department (yup it’s pretty much just Kitty and Helmet) will be broadcasting from the beatdown on Facebook LIVE and from the Nant’an ceremony, which will include remarks from Dredd and Slaughter. Tune in on the F3 Nation Facebook page throughout the morning.

Either join us in Wilmington, or gather up your pax for your own beatdown and join us on the livestream to be part of the event.

The Nation is going to need men like you to lead even more in 2021. This movement is gaining speed and this event will be a great way to kick off the year. Come be part of something bigger than yourselves…

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