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From the PAX…

GrowRuck is F3Nation’s leadership training and growth initiative. There are three key parts of GrowRuck. There is GrowSchool + a Rucking CSAUP event + a powerful dose of 2ndF = GrowRuck. F3Nation is a unique Leadership Development Program and GrowRuck allows participants to learn and apply these skills in one CSAUP event. Here’s what graduates have to say…

IMG_9469 (1)

“…because we are not 1st, we are not 2nd…We are 3rd.” (GrowRuck 02 ENC Participant)

“But getting over yourself. Maybe that’s the biggest challenge. And that’s what our Cadre worked on from jump street.” (GrowRuck 09 Ohio, participant)


“Cadre Danny stated in the beginning that he had no interest in how teams or individuals performed when they were fresh that a team and individual could only be measured when the suck had been on them for hours, and the brokenness of the men shined bright like Methane from earth’s crust.” (GrowRuck 09 Ohio, participant)

From the Q of GrowRuck

Why GrowRuck? has our Qs insights on the why…

You see my brothers, you don’t sign up for a GrowRuck just to carry heavy stuff around for 12+ hours through the dark and gloomy waters of Memphis. You will do that, but that’s not why you GrowRuck.” (GrowRuck 12 Memphis, Participant)