The most frequent question asked when an F3 group begins to look into doing the Challenge is “do I need to buy a $300 backpack”. The short answer is no. A GORUCK ruck is not required, but GORUCK Rucks last – FYI: the Rucker model ($165) goes on sale from time-to-time & F3 has a 15% discount that currently works for the Rucker. The 511 Rush 12 is a $99 version that some guys use. The 511 Rush 24 is slightly larger and slightly more expensive. Also, many guys pick up second-hand rucks at Army surplus stores, eBay, or Craigslist.

Another option is to have your regional Ruck Q contact @f3growruck on Twitter or email [email protected] and request Lend-a-Rucks for your region. Each GORUCK Rucker is equipped with a sternum strap and hip belt. Pax may rent them for @25 and train through the event with it. Then it is cleaned and the Ruck Q sends them back to GrowRuck. 

The GrowRuck Packing List for  Gear is listed below. Besides a ruck, you’ll need the required weight, a headlamp, reflective PT belt, and a hydration bladder.