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Past & Future Events

GrowRuck 01 started in Jacksonville, FL on November 18th, 2016 at GORUCK headquarters, intertwining the roots of F3 GrowRuck and GORUCK. The first four GrowRucks were operated by F3Nation as part of the expansion efforts to target new AOs ready for growth.

Starting with GrowRuck 05 in Chattanooga, The Iron Project (TIP) took over the GrowRuck operations in order to expand the GrowRuck program to FiA and other outside organizations. GrowRuck 12 in Memphis marked a renewed focus for GrowRuck to focus only on F3 and our foundational roots to expand and create growth in F3.

Photos and Backblast for each GrowRuck are linked in the table below. Here are some highlight photos > GrowRuck Google Photos Link – Highlights

Name/Photos Date Location Organization Class #/BB Participants
F3 Jacksonville 11/19/2016 Jacksonville, FL F3 01 31
F3 North Carolina 3/11/17 Atlantic Beach, NC F3 02 BackBlast 61
F3 New Orleans 6/10/17 New Orleans, LA F3 03 BackBlast 37
F3 Puget Sound 8/26/17 Seattle, WA F3 04 31
F3 Chattanooga 11/18/2017 Chattanooga, TN TIP/F3 05 PreBlast 68
FiA ENC 1/20/18 Greenville, NC TIP/FiA 06 40
F3 Midlands 1/27/18 Columbia, SC TIP/F3 07 49
F3 Texas 2/24/18 Houston, TX TIP/F3 08 53
F3 Ohio 4/28/18 Toledo, OH TIP/F3 09 BackBlast 97
Beta Ruck 4/7/18 Chapel Hill, NC TIP/Fraternity 10 17
FiA Eastern TN 11/17/18 Irwin, TN TIP/FiA 11 34
F3 Memphis 9/21/18 Memphis, TN F3 12 Backblast


Beta Ruck 10/26/18 Chapel Hill, NC Fraternity 13 21
F3 Virginia 3/23/19 Richmond, VA F3 14 Backblast

14 WhyBlast

F3 Georgia 8/24/19 Woodstock, GA (N. Atlanta) F3 15
F3 Naperville 9/21/19 Naperville, Il F3 16
F3 Quicksand 11/16/19 Pinehurst, NC F3 17