Functional Qs and Opportunity in Nation Leadership

As OBT wrote in last week’s blog post, “Your Updated F3 Nation Leadership Lineup,” we at F3N have some further functional roles to announce and request input on from the PAX.

First, in OBT’s groups:

Q/Ruckership — Winnebago. The mad genius behind stunts like the 2017 Wilmington Heavy Heavy doesn’t just rank among the Nation’s most badass rucktards, he’s also a whiz when it comes to organizing and marketing custom F3 GORUCK events. As you should know by now, the Nation believes a GORUCK event is the single most powerful catalyst for regional growth and 2nd F — that’s why we invented the GrowRuck leadership development weekend and are making it widely available across the Nation. So if you want to do a GrowRuck or traditional GORUCK event in your area, #You’reDoingItWrong if you don’t talk to Winnebago and his Assistant Q, TNT. Among other benefits of working with them is they are the ones with the Golden Key to deep discounts on custom events with GORUCK that can be passed along to the pax.

Q/S2T (Service To Troops) — CoopDog. The Nation’s favorite #recreationalrucker has been serving in this role for a couple of years now. He knows the military very well, has strong connections to a number of leading military charities and has a heart for helping plan and execute cross-region efforts that raise awareness of those who serve our nation and direct support and resources to charities that serve them. He is Qing this year’s Veteran’s Day half-marathon ruck at the Charlotte Marathon (benefiting Special Ops Survivors). Even if you’ve got just a local effort, he’s a great resource for ideas and insight and anything that crosses regions should come through him.

And reporting to CR:

Q/LEAP Beancounting — Swanson. West Columbia’s own keeper of the public trust has been lending his Dolphin to the Nation for a couple of years, keeping the books for our LEAP efforts. With the big influx of donations from Give2Give, we’re asking him to streamline our expense reimbursement efforts, continue tracking expenses and make sure that we continue to be good and faithful stewards of the treasure laid up by the F3 pax.

Now, in the realm of Comz …

Q/Map — Superman. Little did Superman know a couple years ago that an innocent “what do you know about maps?” question would become one of the most important answers for FNGs across F3 Nation. Superman has overseen the growth of nationwide workouts from in the low hundreds (in the Southeast) to over 1110 markers entered coast-to-coast. He’s agreed to stay on to help re-envision process and rebuild with our next growth period in mind. Superman will continue to be in the Comz team. Got something to suggest? Hit [email protected].

Q/Podcast — Hollywood. You’ve heard the voice, you’ve seen the posts, and we’re making it official. Hollywood is host of the official F3 Nation podcast, which, as we’ve seen through podcasts like Art of Manliness plus our own, is a great way to connect nationwide with future and existing men. See

Q/Social — TBD. The Nation has handled social in many different ways over the last six years, from Antonio Table on Twitter to now the Nantan and YHC manning different aspects at different times. As we say in the disclaimer, we are “not professionals” and are looking for the #HIM who lives and breathes social. You’ll have the primary responsibility of posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and have lots of feedback and coaching from AP and the PAX as well. Ping [email protected] for more details.

Q/Local Comz — TBD. A new role to Comz necessary after v5.0, The Q of Local Comz will work with the Qs of Plant and Grow to establish best practices, get new mustard seeds, nomads and regions help with emails and newsletters, and templates that support local growth into the F3Nation website and Slack Channels. This role is best filled by a technically-focused Q (or Qs) to help both the nation and local comz resources. Again, this is on AP’s comz team, so email [email protected] for more details.

Thanks to these men and all the men across F3 for all you’re doing to #GiveItAway.


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