F310Year Update and Changes

BLUF: The 10 Year Celebration Weekend is being rescheduled for October. At this point, we are calling it the #Triple10, as it will take place in the 10th year, in the 10th month, and it will end on the 10th day of that month. If you want to know more detail than that, keep reading…

In the world of F3, there are Problems (a Disadvantage that can and must be remedied) and there are Conditions (a Disadvantage that cannot be remedied). A Problem might be something like, “I have a rock in my shoe”, whereas a Condition might be something like, “there is a hurricane coming”. The first is something that I can and should do something about. The second is something that I have no control over whatsoever and so my best bet is to Prepare, as best I can, and to take what actions are necessary to mitigate the aftermath.

To this point, we have attempted to treat COVID-19 and its effects on the 10-year as a Problem that can and must be remedied. Turns out, we were fighting against a Condition. It’s not going away and it’s not in our control. And even though we would take the highest order of precautions (it would have all been outdoors with masks, social distancing, etc) and do our best to be responsible, we feel the risk is too great, that even our best efforts could prove insufficient to be of the best service possible to both our men and the communities in which we live and serve. So, we will postpone. We chose a date far enough in the future that we are optimistic that things will have changed to a sufficient degree that we can hold the event we had hopes to in the first place. We prepared, we hung in there as long as we felt possible, and now we will mitigate the aftermath.

The reality is that even as I write this, new restrictions are being handed down from the Government (#Condition), both in the state holding the 10-year and in the other states where we all live, that affect our ability to hold an event of any kind, and your ability to attend such a thing. I hate it. You likely hate it. We don’t want to hold an event without our friends all being able to be there… We know no one asked for any of this. But while we may not have asked, we were made for this. Does this test our durability? Not in the same way the CSAUPs would have, but it does. Does this force us to make leadership decisions that we didn’t/wouldn’t want to? Sure. Have we been very conflicted in our personal feelings/views about what we should do and whether to go forward or not? You bet.

Now, from a housekeeping standpoint, we are going to move all the registrations and apply them to the October date. Stay tuned for more information on events that will take place on the original January 16th date (virtually) and for how this postponement will affect your hotel reservations (provided you had made any in our room block).

I’ll leave you with this. The fact remains that through all of the difficult and frustrating adjustments that we have all had to make in our lives due to COVID-19, you men have taken it in stride and have thrived despite it all.

The Gloom (Still) Belongs to Us. We will still Clear The Path and Light The Way. What else would we do? Quit? Cower? No. It’s not in us. We will press forward. Now, quit worrying about all this and get to EHing for October.

Oh yeah, and if another man hasn’t told you today… We love you.


-Dark Helmet

P.S. There are a few guys that deserve a hearty “Thanks” for everything that they have done and will yet do to serve us all on this. If you get a minute, shoot a note to Gravity (Cape Fear), Beauty (Cape Fear), Carmen SanDiego (Cherokee/Nation), FIB (Naperville/Nation), Slaughter (CLT Metro/Nation), Hello Kitty (Carpex/Nation)… and anyone else I missed… they crushed it to try and make this happen and we are truly grateful. #GTWR

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Red Baron

This is absolutely the right decision. I know it was tough, and I greatly appreciate all the work, sleepless nights, prayers, and gut wrenching which you all experienced. Thank you Gravity, Beauty, Carmen SanDiego, FIB, Slaughter, Hello Kitty and Dark Helmet. God Bless! SYITG! Red Baron


Good call by all involved. I know how badly everyone wanted to pull this thing off, so I can only imagine how difficult this decision was. Thanks to everyone listed for their tireless efforts to keep giving it away! Now…bring on October 10th! SYITG. Shoota


Clearly an informed decision and one showing leadership. Thank you to all you #HIM. See you in October, then!


Well said, Dark Helmet. Thanks to all the #HIM who have worked so hard on this. See you for the #Triple10!

Joseph DiTommaso

Blessings come in the breaking. We do not know why, but we can know how to face our future. Thank you for taking a moment to connect with us all and making the decision necessary for everyones safety.

Now, I look forward to participating in October!

F3 Dayton

Candy Cane

Right decision, men. Kudos. Love you all, too. Smooches.


Evaluate, adapt, overcome & execute! T-Claps to all involved making this decision!

Linwood Bolles

Pleased you made this decision. I expect to be there in October’21
GOD Bless the Men of F3!!!
F3 Hollywood
Charlotte Metro

Crunchy Pod

I guess I’m the only one (in the comments at least) that thinks canceling due to “the condition” (covid) isn’t the right leadership call. Especially with what we know about the virus today.

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