F3 TV: How To Count

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT7afkk2toA]

This initial entry in the F3 TV series addresses the oft-confusing topic of “How to Count.”

But OBT, that’s easy: 1 … 2 … 3 …

Actually, this is How to Count, F3-style — with the leader calling an exercise cadence and the rest of the group counting off repetitions.  Dredd draws on his years in the Army to explain the concept.

Why do we count this way?  It keeps everyone together and it has the unspoken benefit of not giving the group a set number that they are exercising to — like, say, 10 pushups.  The leader starts counting and the group starts doing reps, not knowing when the end will come.  This keeps participants from modifying their effort level simply to ensure they reach a certain goal and pushes them past limits they otherwise might place on themselves.

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  1. Great video. One point of order/question. It appeared that OBT executed two Merkins for each repetition, whereas I thought the cadence protocol was, for the Merkin, 1,2,3 getting the PAX from start position to the point where back of upper arms were parallel to the shoulders, then back up to start position for the repetition number (1,2,3 – ONE; 1,2,3 – TWO….). If the OBT demo was correct, there are actually two mini-repetitions for each counted rep. Am I correct, or did OBT just overachieve because he likes to double up on Merkins?


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