Video: F3 on WCNC’s Charlotte Today

Above: Hops, Sweeper and OBT talked to host Colleen Odegaard.

16 thoughts on “Video: F3 on WCNC’s Charlotte Today”

    • Mic Check. South Pax that Hops EHed about 6 weeks ago. He hasn’t missed a workout since and is taking over a Site to boot.

  1. That was awesome!! I felt as much pride watching that as I could almost anything! Great work Hops, Sweeper and OBT

  2. Awesome. Wish we could get that push up here in Raleigh. You know that one is gonna move some folks. Nice job Hops, Sweeper and OBT.

      • Yes, strong and scary. Or how about a simulated F3 workout throughout the halls of the workplace? Lunge walks in the hallway, pullups on the door frame, burpees while riding up and down the elevators . . . endless possiblities.

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