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Did you know F3 Nation is international? Italian Job recently sat down with Mrs. Doubtfire – Nant’an of F3 Dortmund, Germany to learn how F3 Nation ended up in Deutschland.

IJ: When and how did it start? Who brought it to Germany?
MD: My family and I lived in Naperville, IL for a while. My M had a work assignment, and I was house-daddying our two 2.0s. One day my neighbor (Halfprice) told me about this workout group he had joined recently. Running back and forth with a cinder block. Crazy. A few days later I fartsacked my first F3 appearance. 5:15 was something I had to get used to. A day later the outstanding HIMs of F3 Naperville whipped me through a run club. Six Minutes of Mary seemed like sixty. That was in August 2018. When we returned back to Germany in December 2019, I had 234 posts including around 80 Qs in the books. But more important, I was part of something bigger than me, met wonderful people, made friends, and learned some lessons for life. Back home I dragged two friends – Murphy’s Law and Soundless – out ITG, and we experienced the 3 Fs together.

IJ: How many PAX do you have?
MD: We have a dozen regulars. A few days after we started F3 Dortmund Covid-19 came to Germany. A pandemic and growing numbers are not going well together. #lockdown

IJ: Where do you workout?

MD: F3 Dortmund has two AOs. One is a huge parking lot in Holzwickede (next little town). The other AO is the subdivision Soundless and I live in. There are bike tracks, benches, a little soccer field, stairs, rocks, and woods. Here we work all over the place.

IJ: What German names do you have for some exercises?
MD: We talk F3. A Merkin is a Merkin. A Burpee is a Burpee. Side Straddle Hops are Side Straddle Hops. For us, this is a way to connect to F3. Sharing the same language is a powerful bond.

IJ: It appears most of your PAX have English nicknames. Why is that?

MD: We like the connection to F3 Nation on one hand. On the other, we have lots of English names in Germany anyway – Christian names, nicknames, movie and song titles, technology, and IT. A lot of our nicknames are the same in both languages: Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel Son, Santana, Gameboy, Olaf, R2D2, Santa Maria, Highlander. And most of it: English just sounds way better than German (Soundless/Lautlos, Cable Guy/Kabel Typ).

IJ: What challenges have you had to overcome since you started?
MD: I’d say the usual. EHing is hard work. I often talk to men and they “say sounds good, one day I’ll make it, I have to get fit first, that’s not my time.” We’re also still dealing with the Covid-19 restrictions. When this pandemic is gone, nothing will keep us back!

IJ: How can your American brothers assist your growth and development?
MD: It sounds odd, but connect with us on Twitter and Instagram. Give us a thumb up, leave a comment. This is encouraging. Sometimes I feel F3 Dortmund is like Asterix the Gaul. Please F3 Nation, be our magic potion.

Twitter: @F3Dortmund

Instagram: F3Dortmund

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Great work men of F3 Dortmund!! Love watching the growth from Day 1, and I know this will explode once you guys are able to open up even more!! Keep at it, aye!

Patrick Charles Parker

Great work men! Col Klick here in the F3 louisville region is from Germany! We will have plans to come to Germany2023, our two families and us. We will have to post F3 Dortmund while there!
Love it brothers!
Focker Over Out

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