F3 Columbia Story on WIS-TV

Sway sends in this TV story, via their own Ron Burgundy, about the F3 Columbia PAX. Strong.

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One Direction

That is an awesome piece. Nicely done guys!


Great job Columbia!! Love to see you guys and your 2.0s at F3Camp next month. Check it out and sign up today. Already have almost 100 and think it will be cool place to pull the entire nation together.


BTB (Bob The Builder)

That was a really well done news piece, and it is awesome to see how well F3 is doing down there. I need to make my way down one time!

I am sending this video to all my friends that need a strong EH


Stay classy, Columbia. Nice work!


Great story and would not be surprised to see a bunch of FNG’s in the next week. Also like how the PAX repeats the names durng COT to help everyone remember (I assume). Finally, I plan on using the cinder block/brick combo soon (beware Centurion) – STRONG.


Chelms, repeating the names started so whoever was writing the backblast could make sure he got the names written down. But it evolved into more of an affirmation of attendance from the rest of the pax. Cinder blocks and bricks are awesome. Thanks for your comments.


Great quote: “Who would think a story about sweaty men would make me tear up?” Glad she understands what F3 is all about. We’ll be praying for you and your family, Woody. T-claps, Columbia.



The Cougar

Great segment and pub, F3Cola.

Woody, your wife and family are in my thoughts and prayers. My wife, too, had (breast) cancer about 2 1/2 yrs. ago. Stay strong, brother.


Aye COLA! That’s awesome.


Awesome piece, COLA! I want to get down there for one of your workouts

Woody – like Cougar, my wife also had BC – wish F3 was around 12 years ago. Great support network.


Burgundy – this story was awesome. Thanks for the great presentation. You got all the elements that define us. Fitness draws them. Fellowship bonds them. Faith binds them.


Awesome job, Team Columbia. I am confident that we have a lot of strong Gamecock brothers running the show down there!!

Will try to make it down for some workouts during SEC football season.

Peace be with you,

Ann & Hope

Strong, Brothers, strong. Great work lifting up MWoody and Woody too. That’s what it’s all about right there. Way to keep it classy too COLA!

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