F3 10-Year Anniversary Convergence Weekend

As the F3 10-Year Anniversary convergence weekend is only three months out, Italian Job caught up with the Event Q (Gravity) to discuss the details.

Italian Job: Can you share some details about when, where, and what this weekend is?

Gravity: Friday October 8th – Sunday October 10th we are celebrating 10 years of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith – it’s really exciting! The event will be in Wilmington, NC home of F3 Cape Fear. Think of all the men that have been unshackled and unleashed to lead the way God intended them to. Think about the men who are a different version of themselves when they joined, whether its weight loss, confidence, vulnerability, quitting alcohol, accepting stupid athletic challenges, etc. There is so much to celebrate about this “small men’s workout group” and if its turned out that this “group” is more to you, then you should be here.

IJ: Has the Nation ever had this many PAX in one location at one time?

G: Not to my knowledge. There are serious logistics to cover from hydration, bathrooms, traffic management, etc. Have you ever tried to feed a group bigger than 150 ppl?

IJ: How much does it cost and what does that cover?

G: Right now, the price is $175 until 08/05/2021. We are saying, “Save $25 when you sign up by 8/5.” The t-shirt deadline is Labor Day. The cost covers dinner on Friday night, breakfast following the Saturday morning convergence, the CSAUP events Saturday morning, breakout sessions Saturday afternoon, dinner Saturday night, an awesome t-shirt, overnight ruck Saturday, and Sunday morning breakfast following a PAX-led church service for those interested.

The convergence will be on the strand at Wrightsville Beach. We’ll have a stage and sound system set up on the southside of Johnnie Mercer’s Pier (22 E Salisbury St., Wrightsville Beach).

All of the non-athletic events are happening at Hotel Ballast (301 N Water St) in downtown Wilmington.

When folks arrive Friday night, we’ll have a dinner and floating reception/celebration. This will be family-friendly, F3 Beer will be available at the cash bar.

Saturday morning, everybody needs to clown car to Wrightsville Beach for the convergence (7:00). It’ll be about a 90 minute beatdown on the beach – plan accordingly.

Immediately following the COT & Ball of Man (9:00), we’ll have coffeeteria right there. It’ll be coffee, juice, water, cut fruit and a grits bar.

From 10:00-12:00, we’ll break off into several CSAUPs, choose wisely:

  1. We’ll have the Spartan kids obstacle course set up on the northside of the pier. Note: 2.0s only
  2. Iron PAX Mano y Mano Challenge
  3. Brolympics – a little adult recess / field day activities
  4. 10K run – and if you are feeling froggy, you can ruck it too
  5. Community Service: Habitat for Humanity home build. We’ll need at least 100 PAX because they are saving that day for us. No tools and no experience necessary.
  6. Hit the town on your own
  7. NEWLY ADDED: This is cool, thanks to some downrange PAX doing some recon, we’ve had a request to add an Iron Riders (cycling) CSAUP. Whether that is fat tires on the beach, cycling on the road or a trail ride, I don’t know yet, it just got added to the mix and we have a small SLT putting together a plan.

Breakout sessions begin around 3:00 pm at the Hotel Ballast and end around 5:00.

Dinner begins at 6:30 pm with keynote by Joe de Sena (Spartan Race Founder). Dark Helmet, Slaughter and Dredd are all speaking as well.

The End it Ruck steps off at 9:00 pm. More details to come on that, but the key points are: 26.2 mile ruck. We’ll have hydration stations, so a 3L bladder should be enough, but here’s the thing – no beatdowns (unlike a GrowRuck or GoRuck event). When we stop for water, you’ll be met by survivors of human trafficking. To learn more about the End it Ruck Challenge, go to www.EndItRuck.com. So train your body for the 26.2 miles, then be ready to stretch your mind and your heart to this terrible injustice happening right in front of us.

The End It Ruck should end with a spectacular sunrise.

At 7:30 Sunday morning, Hello Kitty and Repeato are recording an episode of the COT Podcast in front a live studio audience at the Hotel Ballast. You will be able to enjoy your hot breakfast while watching these guys try to get their heads straight after being awake all night. It should be really good.

At 9:00, we have a PAX-led worship service. I’ve built a worship band of all F3 dudes playing instruments, singing, etc. We also have PAX delivering the Word. It should be special and you don’t want to miss it.

IJ: Are their hotel discounts available?

G: Yes, there are block rooms at the Embassy Suites and the Hotel Ballast. You can find links on the registration page at www.f310year.com. The two hotels are about a city block and half away from each other and you just have to jump on the Riverwalk to get there. NOTE: Please look into these rooms, in order to hold a block, F3 Nation has to commit financially to at least 80% of the rooms. Besides, you don’t want to be too far from the action.

IJ: Can family members attend?

G: Yes, for meals, we have an additional fee – if 2.0s are doing the workout and want a shirt, we do ask they get registered too. (IJ – let’s confirm this on the FAQ and the website)

IJ: Tell us more about these breakout sessions.

G: Right now I can confirm there will be a session of F3 Nation’s Grow School. This will be similar to GrowRuck training material, but condensed. We are planning a health & wellness component. There will also be breakout rooms for those 1st F Qs, 2nd F Qs and 3rd F Qs where PAX can learn best practices from other regions that are having success. I think we even have a Shield Lock group in the room as well. F3 Nation leadership is planning to discuss the Foundation and what they are doing to support your region. The sessions are still in development because we will rely on the expertise of some of the PAX we expect to see at the 10 year.

IJ: Will men have the chance to meet the founders – Dredd & OBT?

G: Yes, both men are confirmed to attend and some of the original redwoods. I think this is where some guys will really appreciate attending the 10 year. Those two can’t get to every region given our growth recently. So, if your life has been positively transformed by F3 – think of this as a great opportunity to share the impact F3 has had on your life with the founders.

IJ: How many men have signed up? How many do you expect?

G: Presently we are close to 325, but we genuinely hoped for 1,500 Pax when we originally started the process over a year ago. We feel confident we can get to 1,000 PAX. Even if they only come in for the convergence and drive back home. But honestly, how could someone look down that beach at 1000 pax and say to themselves, “Eh, I’m gonna go home, this looks too fun.”

IJ: Where can PAX go to get more information?

G: www.F310year.com – we bought that domain before we submitted our application video.

IJ: Finally, why should a man plan to attend?

G: Because this is the first of its kind, an F3 Nation Convergence in one place. If you’ve taken the DRP, there are likely more reasons to attend than not. You will not want to miss out on the chance to meet and greet men from across the Nation. Be part of history as we film the first ever F3 documentary about F3, its impact, and the lives and communities unlocked. You may even be one of the featured PAX. You don’t want to look back on this and wish you were there. The FOMO will be real, don’t be left out. Sign up today!

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