The following are the reimbursement guidelines and instructions for authorized LEAP and GROWRUCK CADRE/TRAINER related travel. The Nation thanks you for your service.

Travel Rates

Plane ticket reimbursed in full (distance to be traveled must be greater 250 miles) and/or rental car reimbursed in full. If you drive your own car, mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rate, which currently is 54 cents per mile.

* * *

Lodging Rates

We always encourage people going out of town to stay with other F3 men (when it is offered), as this cuts down on costs and invigorates fellowship. If you stay in a hotel, we will reimburse reasonable lodging expenses and ask that you stay at a Hampton Inn-level hotel and aim not to spend more than a room rate (before taxes) of $100-$150 a night (exceptions will be made in larger cities).

* * *

Food and Meals

We have set travel meals at $50/trip. Additional reimbursable expenses (within reason) include buying coffee/breakfast for the pax post-workout, picking up a bar tab at a 2nd F event, sending copies of Freed to Lead to new pax or a local leader for distribution, production of F3 t-shirts for the new site, etc. These will be approved at the discretion of F3 Nation.

* * *

Getting Paid

You must use the form on this page to submit your request for reimbursement and payment. It will be submitted to F3 Nation for approval, then to F3’s accounting for approval before being paid. Payments are usually made in two monthly batches; once at mid-month and again at the end of the month.

ALL REIMBURSEMENT AND PAYMENT REQUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY SCANS OR PHOTOS OF ALL RECEIPTS. We recommend downloading an app like CamScanner or similar to photograph receipts and then send them to yourself or a Dropbox-type folder for safekeeping until you are ready to submit. No receipts, no reimbursement.

(If you are buying a plane ticket in advance of a trip, you may put in for reimbursement of said expense separate from the actual trip expenses. Otherwise, please preserve the goodwill of you volunteer support team by submitting all trip expenses in a single batch!)

F3 will handle payment and provision of Freed to Lead books and F3 t-shirts (if those are being produced); F3 can also pay for big-expense items like plane tickets in advance so you don’t have to carry them on a personal credit card. Contact F3 Nation using the contact form for more information.

Sample Leap Spending, Chicago

  • $200 plane ticket
  • 1 night hotel at $150
  • Meals ($50)
  • $100 additional costs
  • $350 payment
  • Reimbursable costs: $850

Sample Grow Spending, Raleigh leads #GrowSchool in Richmond

  • 350 miles r/t at .54/mile = $189
  • Stay with PAX
  • Meals ($50)
  • $45 additional costs
  • $350 payment
  • Reimbursable costs of $634

Expense Form

Expectation is that you received approval prior to filling out the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: No special characters are allowed in receipt name uploads. For example, if you upload “LEAP Trip (AP).pdf” (no quotes) that file will fail. If you change it to “LEAP Trip AP.pdf”, however, that will work.