Executive SLT Announcement

As F3 Nation continues to plant, grow, and serve, it is important that we continue to look closely at the organization as a whole, and make sure we are utilizing the resources we have to their fullest. The greatest resource that F3 Nation has is you, the men of F3 Nation. We are continually amazed at the eagerness of the PAX to help us grow and as such, we have decided to, as we always say, “modify as necessary.”  These modifications will help us harness the momentum of our growth and keep it focused on our goals. The changes to the Executive Shared Leadership Team are as follows…

Joining Slaughter as Chief Executive Officer is Gobbler as Chief Operating Officer, Bing as Chief Marketing Officer, and TML as Chief Financial Officer.

  • Gobbler’s role as COO is to execute the day-to-day planning, implementation, management and oversight functions of the F3 Nation in order to achieve the mission of F3.
  • Bing’s role as CMO is to spearhead the marketing and branding strategies of F3 in order to help achieve F3’s growth goals. The position oversees the organization’s branding, digital & traditional marketing, public relations and community outreach programs.
  • TML’s role as CFO is to oversee the financial planning, budgeting, and operations of F3 Nation in order to ensure the achievement of F3’s financial objectives.

Rounding out the Nation’s SLT is Dark Helmet as President, GMO as Head of Sectors, Beans as Head of Growth, Bono as Head of Leadership Development, Bada Bing as Head of Technology, and newly appointed Italian Job as Head of Comz.

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