Below you’ll find the exercises cited in the F3 Workout Deck of cards, now on sale in the F3 Gear Store. Much more detail, including how to play, is listed in the store.

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List of Cards / Accompanying Exercises

NumberSuitExerciseDescription or Notes
AceHeartsSSHSide-Straddle Hops, aka the Jumping Jack.
2HeartsSprint 200 MetersAlternative: Sprint for 30 seconds.
3HeartsSprint 300 MetersAlternative: Sprint for 60 seconds.
4HeartsSprint 400 MetersAlternative: Sprint for 1:30.
5HeartsKaraokeWhile moving laterally, cross the lead foot in front of and then behind the other foot, holding your arms out to the side. Face the opposite direction to switch which foot is the lead.
6HeartsBackward RunReally?
7HeartsBear CrawlCrawl on your hands and feet without your knees touching the ground.
8HeartsSquat ThrustBegin from a standing position. Move hips back and lower the torso to "sit" as deeply as possible while maintaining an upright position. Return to a full standing position while also mimicking arms pressing upward as if to thrust weight over your head.
9HeartsButt KickRun in place, bringing your heels as close to kicking yourself in the rear end as possible. Right heel and left heel count as one rep.
10HeartsMtn. ClimbersFrom the plank position, jump your feet out to the sides as if doing a Jumping Jack, then bring them back to center.
JackHeartsPlank JackFrom the plank position, jump your feet out to the sides as if doing a Jumping Jack, then bring them back to center.
QueenHeartsBurpeeIn one fluid motion from a standing start, squat and thrust down to the plank position and execute a Merkin/pushup, then bring your legs back to a squatting position and jump up to finish.
KingHeartsMountain ClimberFrom the plank position but with feet well separated, jump your right foot as far forward as possible, then back, repeat same motion with the left foot. Right foot and then left foot count as one rep.
AceClubsFlutter KickFrom a flat on the back position, with hands under your six and feet together, raise feet 6 inches of the ground. Raise and lower right foot, then left foot, in a fluttering motion.
2ClubsWWII SitupFrom flat on your back with feet flat on the ground, knees bent at a 90-degree angle and hands above your head, bring your hands up and over your knees and touch your toes.
3ClubsHigh, Slow Flutter KickOn your back, feet under your 6, but legs are together and as high as you can raise them toward 90 degrees. Slowly lower and then raise each leg in sequence; cadence is generally much slower than for the Flutter Kick.
4ClubsHeels to HeavenFlat on your back, with hands under your 6 and feet together and 6 inches off the ground, bring your knees up to your chest, then raise your heels up toward the sky. Lower knees to chest, then kick feet back out to the original position.
5ClubsOblique CrunchFrom flat on your back with knees at a 90-degree angle, cross one leg over the other knee. Put the hand opposite the leg that is crossed behind your head and raise the elbow to the opposite knee using your oblique abdominal muscle.
6ClubsLow PlankFrom the High Plank position (see below), lower yourself in a straight line to 6 inches off the ground. Hold for 60 seconds.
7ClubsLil Baby CrunchFlat on back, with feet off the ground and thighs vertical; place hands at side of head and use abdominals to raise your chest to your knees, then lower your chest back to the starting position.
8ClubsLugeFrom flat on your back, raise both your head and upper back and feet off the ground. From here, bring your knees and chest together, then return to the starting position.
9ClubsHigh PlankThe plank is basically the starting position for the pushup or Merkin: hands flat on the ground approximately shoulder width apart, feet together and toes touching the ground, with your back and legs forming a straight line parallel to the ground. Hold for 90 seconds.
10ClubsRosalitaFlat on your back, hands under your rear end, legs together and raised as high in the air as you can go; separate and spread legs as wide as you can, then bring them back together.
JackClubsShoulder TapFrom the High Plank (see above), take one hand off the ground and tap the opposite shoulder, then back to the ground, then repeat with the other hand and shoulder.
QueenClubsFreddie MercuryFrom the Lil Baby Crunch position, move the legs forward and back in sequence, as if pedaling a bicycle.
KingClubsAmerican HammerWith feet off and head/upper back both off the ground, join hands and alternate touching the ground on either side of your body.
AceDiamondsArm CirclesFrom a standing position, extend arms horizontally from your body and move your fists in a circular motion. Can switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise motions.
2DiamondsHand Clap MerkinExecute a Merkin (see below), exploding up from the bottom of the exercise and clapping your hands together before finishing in the high plank.
3DiamondsChuck Norris MerkinMerkins, but with your hands forming a fist as they rest on the ground instead of flat.
4DiamondCarolina Dry DockStart with your feet spread wide and your hands flat on the ground, shoulder width apart and relatively close to your feet – lower your forehead/the top of your head to ground level, then push back up.
5DiamondHand-Release MerkinA normal Merkin, but lift your palms just barely off the ground at the bottom of the exercise, then push back up.
6DiamondWide-Arm MerkinSpread your arms much farther apart than in a regular Merkin; bring chest to ground and push back up.
7DiamondDerkinA Merkin, but with your feet up on a bench or a wall – any surface that puts your feet higher then your hands.
8DiamondMerkinA good, old-fashioned ‘Merican pushup. Starting from the High Plank position, lower your chest to the ground and then push back up to the High Plank.
9DiamondRanger MerkinLike a Merkin, but palms are on the ground in line with your ribcage rather than your shoulders.
10DiamondIncline MerkinOpposite of the Derkin – a Merkin where your hands are higher than your feet.
JackDiamondDipsWith palms resting on a bench or low wall, feet at your body length away from the bench or wall and your torso toward the sky, use your shoulder and triceps to lower and raise your body back to the starting position.
QueenDiamondDiamond MerkinA Merkin with the hands placed next to one another so that your opposite thumbs and index fingers form a diamond shape.
KingDiamondMerkinA good, old-fashioned ‘Merican pushup. Starting from the high plank position, lower your chest to the ground and then push back up to the high plank.
AceSpadeCalf RaiseWith feet together and flat on the ground, raise up onto your tiptoes, then back down to the ground. For extra burn, have the balls of your feet on a raised surface and your heel extending out in the air and lower and raise the heel.
2SpadeBulgarian Split SquatFacing away from a bench or low wall, place the foot and lower leg of one leg on the bench or wall, then execute a single-leg squat using the other leg. Flapjack.
3SpadeWojo SquatSquat down, then jump up from the bottom of the position. Aka the Jumping Squat.
4SpadeAlternating Side SquatFrom the Squat position, step your right leg laterally to the right, then squat down and bring the right leg back to center as you raise yourself. Flapjack.
5SpadeStanding LungeFrom a standing position, lunge your right foot forward and bend your knee to where it grazes the ground, then come back to a standing position. Flapjack.
6SpadeJumping LungeSame as the Standing Lunge (above), but jump your feet out and back as you lunge.
7SpadeMonkey HumperA squat executed as you hold the inside of your ankles, reducing movement to a half-squat but increasing the burn.
8SpadeBackward LungeFrom a standing position, step your right foot behind you and lower your right knee to graze the ground, then step back to the standing position. Flapjack.
9SpadeLow, Slow SquatA Squat, but lowering on a measured three-count by the Q, and then back up on the count of four. Designed to force participants to actually get into a full Squat.
10SpadeLunge Walk 100 MetersWalk 100 meters by lunging.
JackSpadeSmurf JackA Side-Straddle Hop or Jumping Jack, but done from the Squat position.
QueenSpadeMonkey HumperA Squat executed as you hold the inside of your ankles, reducing movement to a half-squat but increasing the burn.
KingSpadeSquatFrom a standing position, with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, lower your rear end as far toward the ground and your heels as you can, taking care to keep your head up and your back as straight as possible. Return to the starting position.