Below you’ll find the exercises cited in the F3 Workout Deck of cards, now on sale in the F3 Gear Store. Much more detail, including how to play, is listed in the store.


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List of Cards / Accompanying Exercises

wdt_ID No. Suit Exercise Description or Notes
1 Ace Hearts SSH Side-Straddle Hops, aka the Jumping Jack.
2 2 Hearts Sprint 200 Meters Alternative: Sprint for 30 seconds.
3 3 Hearts Sprint 300 Meters Alternative: Sprint for 60 seconds.
4 4 Hearts Sprint 400 Meters Alternative: Sprint for 1:30.
5 5 Hearts Karaoke While moving laterally, cross the lead foot in front of and then behind the other foot, holding your arms out to the side. Face the opposite direction to switch which foot is the lead.
6 6 Hearts Backward Run Really?
7 7 Hearts Bear Crawl Crawl on your hands and feet without your knees touching the ground.
8 8 Hearts Squat Thrust Begin from a standing position. Move hips back and lower the torso to "sit" as deeply as possible while maintaining an upright position. Return to a full standing position while also mimicking arms pressing upward as if to thrust weight over your head.
9 9 Hearts Butt Kick Run in place, bringing your heels as close to kicking yourself in the rear end as possible. Right heel and left heel count as one rep.
10 10 Hearts Mtn. Climbers From the plank position, jump your feet out to the sides as if doing a Jumping Jack, then bring them back to center.
No. Suit Exercise Description or Notes