COVID-19 Response

Men of F3 Nation,

Our country and countries across the world are being greatly affected by COVID-19. Here is the “official” statement from F3 Nation on what is happening right now.

  1. We are a #Starfish. Our mission is explicitly to invigorate male community leadership. Our hope is that we, to some degree or other, have done this. Therefore, we urge you to look locally to your Nant’ans for guidance on what you may want to do on the ground where you are. From Charlotte, we can’t know what the best practice is for Omaha, nor would we pretend to. Omaha will know what to do for Omaha, the same is to be said for regions across the Nation.
  2. Be smart. We’ve all likely seen by now the many practices that are recommended by the CDC and other experts. In fact, very many of the great Leaders and Nant’ans of F3 have already put out guidelines for how they suggest things be handled locally in their regions. For example, in Puget Sound, where the virus made US landfall, they have been adjusting their COTs to not include a BOM, encouraging men to stay home if they feel sick, no partner work, etc. Again, look local for what you all might do to avoid spread of both the virus and any panic that may surround it.
  3. LEAD. It is times like these that we now get to put into practice all this stuff we’ve talked about over the years. We have attempted to get ready for the expected, while staying ready for the unexpected… this is truly unexpected, unprecedented even… Lean in, do good, find a way to be useful and of service to your family and your community (even if that truly is staying home because you aren’t sure if you’ve been infected) and then articulate your vision of how you intend to help people… persuade them to join in the help, and exhort them as necessary.

Men, THIS is the kind of thing that we were made for. THIS is the kind of thing that you’ve been getting ready for by posting and living third. Go make cool stuff happen… we will get through this just fine.

We love you, and if the Nation can help in terms of resources, communication or otherwise, on a level past your local region, let us know. We will.


Dark Helmet (The Darkest of All)

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Thanks to F3, more and more men are, in the words of my buddy’s mantra, “Always Ready”.

Nevin Gorki

Being outside is good
Exercise is good
Fellowship and prayer is good
Maybe more important now than ever
Just don’t come post if your sick
and keep your distance from each other.

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