27 Charlotte citizens of F3 Nation battled extreme heat, more than 12 hours of perverse torture from the GORUCK Cadre and their own physical and mental limits on Friday night and Saturday morning to complete Class 193 of the GORUCK Challenge and earn their GORUCK Tough patches.

F3 TV: The Burpee

Aye.  Burpee.  Burpay.  Spell it any way you like...there's only 1 way to do it.  Dino and team exhibit F3 approved form in this edition of F3 TV.

The Real Hell

Video courtesy of Moby. -- Aye, dawn broke at Trade & Tryon and 18 pax posted for the first Jungle workout. The Thang: TD had a flight to catch, so he led off and took the pax straight into the worst parking deck downtown CLT has to offer: 121 West Trade (the City Club Building): …