F3 TV: The Burpee

Aye.  Burpee.  Burpay.  Spell it any way you like...there's only 1 way to do it.  Dino and team exhibit F3 approved form in this edition of F3 TV.

The Real Hell

Video courtesy of Moby. -- Aye, dawn broke at Trade & Tryon and 18 pax posted for the first Jungle workout. The Thang: TD had a flight to catch, so he led off and took the pax straight into the worst parking deck downtown CLT has to offer: 121 West Trade (the City Club Building): …

F3 TV: Jacob’s Ladder

F3 TV is knocking out the building blocks of your daily downpainment...time to present everyone's favorite: Jacob's Ladder. Table, your QIC McGee and the men of Latta showcase how they summon their inner Survivor on a regular basis. Enjoy.